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Woman Crush Wednesday: Sondra Diggs of Glitter Me This & Co.

What woman, at some point in her life, hasn't loved glitter, or had anxiety, and needed her girlfriends? Entrepreneur Sondra Diggs has found a way to lessen anxiety and combine glitter and girlfriends with her new company, Glitter Me This & Co., and their Girlfriend Therapy in a Box.

Sondra's favorite quote: As you get older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, one for helping others. - Audrey Hepburn

How and why did you start your company?

As a divorced mom of two teenage girls, care-taker of aging parents, a CPA and a corporate CFO of multi-million dollar international company, I felt like I lived in a constant batting cage. Top that with a type A perfectionist personality and it left me nothing short of exhausted and crying in the closet. I started to realize the only time I was truly happy is when I was hosting a get together with my girlfriends. The planning process alone was my prescription to control anxiety. I escaped into the details and the ultimate high came when I looked around the room at women from all backgrounds, cultures and areas of life chatting, eating, drinking and laughing at stories shared. As they walked out the door I felt renewed, restored and ready for my daily reality. I loved it so much that I wanted to box up that feeling and share it with the world. When I turned 50 this past year the "a ha" moment came, and I vowed to do what I am passionate about. I hung up my calculator and took a leap of faith.

What do you mean by Girlfriend Therapy in a Box?

Girlfriends are priceless. In this busy 9-9 world now, it’s easy for us, as girlfriends, to lose touch with the ones who hold us together. I started Glitter Me This & Co. to help women cultivate relationships with each other. They are beautiful flowers that need nurturing and water, so that when you need a colorful bouquet they are always ready. They are the ones who pick you up, dust you off and get you back in the game.

Girlfriend Therapy In a Box features 6 themed, sparkling keepsake gift boxes, including Bad A$$ BFF Box, Battle Box, Breakup Box, Beginnings Box, Burning Down the House Box and B.I.Y Buy it Yourself Box (because guess what, girlfriend, you deserve this, too!). When you can't be there in person for some one-on-one girlfriend therapy, we have gift boxes you can send right to your girlfriend's door to help her celebrate the milestones of life, such as a birthday, a promotion or to show support for your girlfriend who could be battling illness, overloaded with care-taking, struggling with relationships or going "menopostal" during the change of life. We have the perfect curated gift boxes filled with items that will make her SMILE - Sparkle, Move, Indulge, Laugh and Exhale.

How do you incorporate giving back into your company ethos?

Glitter Me This & Co gives back to charities who help women. We currently support by donating a portion of the proceeds of the box and from our events. This organization helps women and girls from our hometown area involved in or suffering from domestic violence, mental illnesses, human trafficking and provides a host of education and training to inspire young women to believe in themselves and to recognize future danger signs. We also seek to include products in our boxes from companies who also in return give back to women in need.

Find these fabulous boxes on social media @glittermethisco and online at and bring some instant glam and comfort into your girlfriends' lives!


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