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April 07, 2017

Changing A Mindset

Jacquelyn Aluotto set out to make Not In My Backyard, a documentary about abused and homeless women and children. In 2012, the film screened in Washington, DC and received a standing ovation from over 60 foreign delegates representing 60 countries at the World’s Women’s Conference of Shelters.

Despite the accolades the lm received, shelters for abused women and children were closing down. Their funding was still getting cut. Human trafficking was a problem. Aluotto determined as ever to keep her message in the forefront and to change the mindset, set about a way to make the message “sexy” and get celebrities involved so people paid attention as well. Aluotto created Real Beauty Real Women (RBRW) and her the idea of the “Socially Conscious Fashionista” was born.

“Our war on poverty. It’s the working poor. It’s human trafficking. It’s a $32 billion industry. And no one is talking about it!” Aluotto exclaims. rough RRRW, Aluotto and her team work with celebrities on a web series, they make over shelters, they endorse fashion and products with the proceeds going to several charities. There is even an upcoming national campaign to combat sex trafficking. Celebrities that have worked with Aluotto have included Russell Simmons, Sophia Vergara, Jordin Sparks, and actor Luis Guzman even lives as a homeless person and appears in her latest documentary.

“Funding is either getting cut or staying the same,” Aluotto explains the problem. “It’s so frustrating. You don’t want to turn anyone away, and we need solutions!”

we answer is in your famous people, Aluotto says with relief. 

HOUSTON – Socially-conscious fashionistas joined together Tuesday to "Pucker Up for Change," an innovative, conscious cause marketing campaign merging beauty, glamour, media, entertainment, and technology with activism and giving back. The first campaign will launch with some of Houston’s most dedicated Impact Makers, Celebrities, Advocates, Strategist, Innovators, Artists, Philanthropists, Volunteers, Fashion and Beauty Icons and Influencers, before shooting counterparts in Los Angeles, New York, and other major cities. These women (and some men) are dubbed RBRW’s Socially Conscious Fashionistas.

 Real Beauty Real Women

Launches Pucker Up For Change #pufc in Houston

Real Beauty Real Women (RBRW) chose Houston as the city in which to launch its Pucker Up For Change #pufc campaign on March 28, 2017. The national campaign introduces RBRW's first lipstick line for the “Socially Conscious Fashionista.” The innovative conscious marketing campaign that merges beauty, glamor, media, entertainment, and technology with activism, is behind RBRW’s mission to make giving back glamorous and activism sexy. A percentage of all proceeds from the sale of the lipstick will go to the RBRW Foundation and its nonprofit, Break the Cycle.


The launch featured some of Houston’s most dedicated impact makers, celebrities, advocates, strategists, innovators, artists, philanthropists, volunteers, fashion and beauty icons, and influencers. From Houston, the campaign continues on to Los Angeles, New York, and other major cities across the United States.

June 22, 2016

HOUSTON, TX - Movie directors are always looking to make things more real for the viewer, whether it's aliens or special effects. But what about homelessness? Over three million Americans are homeless right now and 4000 live in Houston's downtown area alone.

Film director Jacquelyn Aluotto made a documentary on the subject called "The Nimby Experience" (FYI: NIMBY is short for 'Not in my back yard'). It features film and TV actor Luis Guzman.

Everyday, thousands of homeless people go unnoticed by millions. We know they exist, but how many of us actually stop and extend a moment of recognition with one of these individuals? Actor turn activist and filmmaker, Jacquelyn Aluotto, 36, saw this disconnect between humans on the streets of New York City and felt compelled to make a documentary depicting their story.

September 28, 2014

Jacquelyn Aluotto on WHCR 90.3 FM

Join Coach Lynn and 3G Experience host Bill DeFossett on WHCR 90.3 FM NYC as they welcome National Domestic Violence Advocate, Award Winning Filmmaker, and Influencer Jacquelyn Aluotto to the show.

Jacquelyn Aluotto, Founder & President of RBRW and Sandra Ramos, Founder of “Strengthen Our Sisters” attended the event representing their organizations. Both women talked about how crucial it is to recognize the dynamics of domestic violence in America. Aluotto is known for merging celebrities, media, and content with social activism to create impactful movements.

n Disney’s pantheon of evil stepmothers and female deviants, Maleficent has always stood apart.

Her popularity is undeniable. Fifty-five years after “Sleeping Beauty,” she ranks second only to Scar of “The Lion King” in’s ranking of the greatest Disney villains, and trailed behind the Wicked Queen from “Snow White” in MovieFone’s recent list.

I have come to accept that I am a work-in-progress woman.  I will always be evolving because that is life and the beautiful journey of it.  I took some time to share what I accept, appreciate and achieve. I hope that some of these inspire and motivate you as well!

Influencer Jacquelyn Aluotto is changing the world and the entertainment industry one-quarter at a time. The producer and activist is talking innovation and dedication for sustaining shelters and creating conscious content.

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