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Not In My Backyard The Documentary
In 2000 human rights activist and documentarian/producer Jacquelyn Aluotto spent seven years filming across America documenting battered women and children who are seeking refuge. For the first time cameras were allowed in shelters, to show viewers a harrowing reality of an epidemic plaguing our country.  Throughout the seven-year journey, you see the reality of these women, teens, and children who seek survival in a country that ignores this epidemic. This groundbreaking documentary screens across America to provide solutions and tools to combat this issue. The movement is headstrong with Celebrities, Activists, Communities, and Artists across the nation. We invite you to become involved in making a difference in the world! Help stop poverty, abuse, and homelessness. Help educate and heal those that suffer in our own backyard.

Click on the poster to watch award winning documentary.

Not In My Backyard The Documentary
The NIMBY Experience
The NIMBY Project
Not In My Backyard: The Series
NIMBY: Series 7
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