#scfashionista: Conscious Couture's Erica Molett

Anika Jackson, Jacquleyn Aluotto, Tammara McDonald, and Staci Henderson. Photo courtesy of Si Creative. Jacquelyn Aluotto and I recently​​ had an opportunity to take part in Conscious ​​Couture, a new-to-Houston luxury shopping event raising money to combat human trafficking. Together, we spoke on a panel about Houston as a hub of trafficking, signs to look out for and how to raise children with healthy self-esteem and make them less likely to be targeted. It was an honor to participate as a "Style Boss", a woman who uses fashion and philanthropy for good, along with many other Houstonians. Conscious Couture is the brainchild of Dallas native Erica Molett. Since 2013 in Dallas, Neighbors to

#scfashionista Houston edition: Carla Bisong

We are so excited to launch a campaign to find Socially Conscious Fashionistas all over the United States and the world! We interviewed a few men and women who fit the mold, and are excited to present the first in the #scfashionista series: Carla Bisong! Occupation: Art Gallery Owner, Bisong Art Gallery. Founded in 2013, the gallery is a platform for emerging and mid-career artists to display their work. The gallery has also hosted charity fundraisers for organizations such as MD Anderson and taught business workshop shops hosted by Google. Art Director Tyler Kay and Carla Bisong also work as art consultant going to the homes and offices of clients to help select the perfect piece. Favorite


July 25, 2016, I remember the anticipation I had felt that day, looking forward to hearing the speakers on the first day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention. I was excited at the possibility of seeing a woman become president of the United States and wanted to be part of the movement. That excitement quickly turned into outrage and disappointment. As I sat glued to my television, I began hearing content that evening heavily focused on the atrocity that drugs have plagued on the white suburban middle-class and how there needed to be more funding for rehabilitation. Wait, what??? Is the widespread drug addiction that has plagued communities of color for generations irrelevant? The only

Anxiety...can we talk about?

“Mary, " I would like for you to write a blog for Real Beauty Real Women addressing anxiety” this is the message I see from Jac. So I take a very deep breath and I agree. I spent a lot of time afterwards contemplating what I thought this would mean for me. It was in this I realized that it wasn’t really about me. This is what being a socially conscious fashionista is about to me. It’s about giving some piece of yourself to help another person. Some can do it by buying lipstick and looking sexy while giving back, some make documentaries and go into the trenches like Jacquelyn and others share their life experiences in hopes that it motivates some type of positive change, I fall into the latte

I Don't Do "Natural"

I haven’t had a stylist near me with a pair of scissors or a bottle of dye in over ten years. My hair does not touch my feet nor am I covered in grey, so what gives? I cut and color my own hair. For some reason most people find it either fascinating or assume I’m a control freak. The truth is that when I was not yet a teenager I asked my mother to take me in for “highlights.” As soon as I sat in the chair my excitement turned to utter disappointment. “She’s only twelve so make sure it looks natural.” Two hours later that is exactly what the mirror reflected. Nowhere near the dramatic transformation I had hoped for. Enter a nearby Walgreens and a mother who had gone out for the evenin


When Jacquelyn asked me to do this blog, in my head I literally said…WTF?! I totally understood what it meant, but I look at myself in the mirror and say SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS…yes! FASHIONISTA….um I don't think so! I prefer jeans and don’t care what brand…I usually get my dresses for galas and events, the day before which is the same day I usually decide to attend. Conscious Fashionista, my grade is an F. Oh, and thank God for Tootsies and Nordstrom's who have amazing personal shoppers to assist me in my last minute pursuit to look decent! Socially Conscious "SC", I can get my head around that and then humbly accept to be a part of this beautiful movement. I think I was born SC, I ha



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