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#scfashionista: Conscious Couture's Erica Molett

Anika Jackson, Jacquleyn Aluotto, Tammara McDonald, and Staci Henderson. Photo courtesy of Si Creative.

Jacquelyn Aluotto and I recently​​

had an opportunity to take part in Conscious ​​Couture, a new-to-Houston luxury shopping event raising money to combat human trafficking. Together, we spoke on a panel about Houston as a hub of trafficking, signs to look out for and how to raise children with healthy self-esteem and make them less likely to be targeted. It was an honor to participate as a "Style Boss", a woman who uses fashion and philanthropy for good, along with many other Houstonians.

Conscious Couture is the brainchild of Dallas native Erica Molett. Since 2013 in Dallas, Neighbors to Friends Yard Sale Events (the mother company of CC) has attracted over 250 vendors and nearly 2000 customers, for a day of old-fashioned bartering, support for social causes, and family fun. When their high-end clientele expressed an unmet need to clean out their closets and make room for next season’s latest fashions, Conscious Couture was born. The event offers women exclusive access to the personal wardrobes of the designers, stylists, fashion bloggers, and trendsetters they follow.

Erica is the definition of a socially conscious fashionista. We caught up with her recently to find out more about her favorites.

Favorite Beauty Products/ Routine: I religiously use Elle Vie Body Butter to keep my skin supple and deliciously fragrant.

The fashion brand/ piece I can't live without: I am in love my white and silver Louboutin heels, that my hubby bought from Vintage Martini. Their beauty makes them worth the pain!

Favorite book: The Go Giver, by Bob Burg and John David Mann

When I'm not creating fashion events for a cause, you can find me: Hiking, trying new foods, rescuing lost pups, spa time with my girlfriends, and hide-and-go-seek with my boys.

What makes you a Socially Conscious Fashionista? I am a Socially Conscious Fashionista, because I believe we each have a role to play in creating a society that treats women with respect and equality. I believe fashion is less about wearing an amazing pair of heels, and more about the mountains you conquer while wearing them. Conscious Couture uses our platform to celebrate amazing women, offer exposure for your up-and-coming designers, and fight the evils of human trafficking.

Describe a time when you had to overcome adversity: During the height of the recession, my husband and I found our new marriage on the brink of disaster, due to financial stresses, new babies, and the death of his mother. We found ourselves separated, while witnessed the loss of material things that we thought were so important. God miraculously restored our marriage, brought us closer to Him, and has allowed us to celebrate 11 beautiful years of marriage. While we appreciate the home, the cars, and beautiful things He has blessed us with... we realize we are nothing without him and only need love to truly be happy!

Thank you, Erica, for sharing your story with us! We can't wait for the next Conscious Couture event series!

Written by Anika Jackson. Mother, community volunteer, philanthropist, and socially conscious fashionista ambassador. Team Member of Real Beauty Real Women and CEO of Philanthropic Fetes.

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