The Bliss of Healing Waters Float Spa

Self-care is somewhat of a mantra around here. At Real Beauty Real Women, we keep ourselves well occupied with a multitude of issues going on in the world, whether researching them, speaking to and with others about them, creating conscious campaigns, filming, or otherwise publicizing them. Sometimes we forget what self-care looks like - and that it can be as simple as taking time to enjoy a good book, play a game with our families, disengage from electronics for a while, or actually go enjoy a guilty-free experience such as Healing Waters Float Spa. That is why it becomes a mantra and a reminder to each of our team members to take time out and re-energize. When I was first invited to try ou

Decorating SOS for the Suddenly Single

Breakups are difficult. Getting a divorce, or facing the end of a relationship with a live-in partner, is on another level. Not only are you dealing with your broken heart, you have to deal with the stress of moving. It’s not necessarily easier if your ex is the one who’s leaving. Either way, this can be an extremely emotional and disruptive period in your life. Here are some tips to help. If your spouse/partner is the one leaving, it might be temping to put all their things in the driveway and light them on fire. Don’t do this. It’s illegal and going to jail is the last thing you need right now. How was the divorce/breakup? Was it amicable or was it filled with rancor? If it was the l

20 First Dates - Part Six, Valentine's Edition

Today should be a fun (for me) post – the time when I am finally going to speak about MY 20 FIRST DATES, and what I learned, before delving into the amazing journeys of contributors and their dates. It’s a fun post, but also one I have hesitated to post because on my journey, I found LOVE; and honestly have been so wrapped up in a new normal, that while it’s been weighing on my mind that I shut readers out after taking them partway, I just haven’t taken the time to continue writing about the journey from there to here. However, today is the second anniversary of the first date I went on post-filing. I don't know what either of us was thinking, going out on Valentine's Day, but it seemed apro



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