The Bliss of Healing Waters Float Spa

Self-care is somewhat of a mantra around here. At Real Beauty Real Women, we keep ourselves well occupied with a multitude of issues going on in the world, whether researching them, speaking to and with others about them, creating conscious campaigns, filming, or otherwise publicizing them. Sometimes we forget what self-care looks like - and that it can be as simple as taking time to enjoy a good book, play a game with our families, disengage from electronics for a while, or actually go enjoy a guilty-free experience such as Healing Waters Float Spa. That is why it becomes a mantra and a reminder to each of our team members to take time out and re-energize.

When I was first invited to try out a "float spa", I will admit I was a little skeptical. I generally do not enjoy sitting still, and especially not in a tub, jacuzzi or otherwise. To me, it almost always sounds better in theory than practice. There was something intriguing about the idea of floatation therapy, however, that drew me in. According to the experts, "Floatation therapy is a therapeutic practice involving custom designed floatation cabins filled with 10" of water and over 1300 pounds of dissolved medical grade Epsom Salt, a higher concentration than the Dead Sea. Floaters are free from external stimuli such as sight, sound, touch, temperature, and the force of gravity as they float weightless and effortlessly in water calibrated to match the skin's temperature (F 93.5)."

I thought this sounded like the perfect way to decompress and re-set for the weekend after a week of traveling to both Detroit (snowy and cold) and Los Angeles (sunny and warm) before coming back to Houston (rainy and muggy). After experiencing Healing Waters for myself, I can honestly say that I would love to start every weekend in a floatation cabin.

My guest and I were greeted by a large Buddha in a beautiful room full of light, with natural elements including wood and salt permeating the design from the furniture to the décor.