Meet Marine Leclerc: Life Coach and Founder of Attitude Organic

Tell us about yourself and the work that you do?

I am a sustainable lifestyle mentor and a life coach for activists. In all honesty, my journey as an entrepreneur has been quite a ride! When I moved to Malaysia in 2016, I realised that what I thought was the norm in our day to day lives such as accessing clean, natural products, as well as recycling, would also be accessible and the norm in Malaysia too. Little did I know that I could not recycle whatsoever when I arrived. I was shocked and that’s how my idea to build a sustainable marketplace and blog was born. I created Attitude Organic to give access to eco and ethical knowledge and products to everyone from all around the world.

A couple of years in, the sustainable blogging niche was a lot more than a niche. More and more resources were out there and the problem seemed to be very different: the issue around people not knowing how to navigate through all those resources started to become a very common feeling. Overwhelmed and guilt was submerging people. While having a conversation with a dear friend of mine, while I was living in Singapore during this time, I received a very clear vision: I wanted to be an eco mama! I wanted to hold people’s hands in their sustainable transition so they can reduce their impact on Mother Earth, whilst also enjoying the beauty of the ride. It’s a gorgeous experience when we give ourselves grace throughout the way.

After 6 months of sustainable lifestyle mentoring, working with change-makers and activists, I came to realize that just like I did in Singapore, activists were burning out for their mission. They were running on an empty tank, letting their anger, frustration and over-responsibility eat them alive, and that was all but helping them build the beautiful world they wanted to see. Trying to get people on board from such a dark place is not efficient whatsoever. Thus, taking care of themselves was a necessity that they completely ignored (myself included). I now focus on helping those beautiful souls to re-prioritise themselves. To do the inner work so they can share their mission from a positive mind, a loving heart and a healthy body. Therefore, I created Marineflows to coach activists 1:1 and offer them the deep transformation they need.

Can you tell us about some success stories you've had with your business/product or anything of which you are extremely proud?

I am very proud of one of my clients, I won’t share her name here to respect her privacy! At the beginning of our work together, she was having a hard time prioritizing herself. Her NGO and business needs were always coming first. She could not let go of some team members that were no longer the best addition to the team, she could not build the team that could allow her to work less than she was (which was way too much). It was also difficult for her to receive the money she deserved and pay herself first. After 3 months of working hand in hand: she had her dream team, working with her ICA, paying herself first - she was wayyyy less worried about money and most importantly, she had finally booked the holiday she dreamt of bringing her daughter to. I am so proud of her for doing the inner work (mindset, emotional, subconscious and somatic work) and so honoured to have witnessed such a transformation from the inside out.

What is one motivational quote that has inspired you in your journey? Do you have any advice for other women who are working towards starting their own business?