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Meet Kandice Standifer, A Locs Goddess Who is Building Her Beauty Brand in Atlanta Georgia

My name is Kandice Standifer and I was born in Florida and raised in Newark, NJ. I am now a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, where I was able to build my business and watch it flourish over the years. I specialize in natural hair for both men and women. My specialty, however, is "ALL THINGS LOCX". Crafting and creating locs is a passion of mine that I developed over they years of doing hair. Locs themselves are beautiful, locs, for me, bring out the natural beauty in both men and women. I love locs and natural hair.

Give us a little insight about your journey that got you where you are today.

My journey and my success has been fueled through extreme dedication, staying focus and never giving up on my dreams, even when I had no support. Trust God's process!

Can you tell us about some success stories you've had with your business/product or anything of which you are extremely proud?

One aspect of my journey that I am extrememly proud of is when I took the leap of faith and moved to Atlanta. I am also proud that I have been able to stay true to myself and not lose focus. I heard God tell me to put my energy into my dreams and I am proud to say I have made it this far.

What is one motivational quote that has inspired you in your journey? Do you have any advice for other women who are working towards starting their own business?

OPPORTUNITIES DONT HAPPEN, YOU CREATE THEM. My advice to other women looking to open or start a business is to stay focused! Understand that trials and tribulations may occur but keep pushing and trust God's plan for your life.

Why do you think it is important for women to support each other, especially in your field of work? How do you or your company help combat systems and policies that exist to keep women marginalized?

It is important for women to support each other because we are undervalued, especially woman of color. In the beauty industry there are millions of dollars to be made, so when I can’t, I will make sure my sisters can!

What are some ways you practice self care and how does it help you in your life and career? Do you have any tips for other women to stay balanced?

Self care is something I value and instill in my daughters. I always tell them... if you look your best, you will ultimately feel your best. I take one day weekly to do something that makes me happy, whether it’s big or small, I make time for it. What’s important comes first and the rest will follow.

What are some long term goals you have for yourself or your business?

One long term goal I have for myself, and my business, is to just continue to grow exponentially, in the beauty industry and in life. I want to enlarge my territory.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you, your business, or any projects you are working on?

I have a memoir coming out soon and my Grand Opening to my first Salon in Atlanta, GA is on July 18, 2021. Please join me to celebrate!

How can people find you or your business on social media and online?

@sdglamsalon @sd_kandi_glamtalk


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