BethieLife's Woman Crush: Anika Jackson

Editor's Note: Our own VP of Strategic Partnerships, Anika Jackson, was highlighted last week as BethieLife's November "Woman Crush". Check out the video interview and a few of the photos below, and click here for the written interview and to see more! Thank you, Beth Muecke, for the feature! You are truly a Socially Conscious Fashionista! All photos were shot at Hotel Ylem, a socially conscious boutique hotel in Houston, TX. Anika is wearing local brands Diverscity (hat and tank), and a House of Blake suede skirt. In every look, her shoes are from LUCHO and her jewelry is Peter Martino. Anika is wearing Candice Cuoco and Vanessa Simmons Bad Butterfly Collection. Anika is wearing Miles David

20 First Dates - Perspectives

[Editor's note - It's thrilling that others want to share in their dating and rediscovery journeys! We will be calling these posts, "20 First Dates - Perspectives". Here is our friend Patti writing about her journey.] On Thursday, December 11th, 2008, daybreak seeped through tiny cracks in the blinds illuminating a room that should have seemed familiar. I had awoken here for the last ten years and though everything was still in its place, nothing was the same. Less than ten hours previous a marriage that had stretched through twenty-two years, enduring ups and downs and creating two precious children, came to an unexpected and emotionally brutal end. In one horrendous moment of betrayal my

How Long Will it Take?

Editor's note: Lisa Giesler, one of our Social Graces Social Club Houston members, writes about and works in professional organizing from a unique perspective - that cluttered lives stem from emotional trauma and unhealed wounds. This is an excerpt from one of her books, Uncluttered: Discovering Strength & Purpose in the Chaos of Life. Clarifying remarks are in italic. One of the biggest questions that I get asked during the initial home organizer appointment is “ How long will it take to organize _____?” I can usually give an estimate of time. There are a lot of variables consider such as: the volume of stuff, how long it takes you to make a decision, distractions, or doing your homework et



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