20 First Dates - Perspectives

[Editor's note - It's thrilling that others want to share in their dating and rediscovery journeys! We will be calling these posts, "20 First Dates - Perspectives". Here is our friend Patti writing about her journey.]

On Thursday, December 11th, 2008, daybreak seeped through tiny cracks in the blinds illuminating a room that should have seemed familiar. I had awoken here for the last ten years and though everything was still in its place, nothing was the same. Less than ten hours previous a marriage that had stretched through twenty-two years, enduring ups and downs and creating two precious children, came to an unexpected and emotionally brutal end. In one horrendous moment of betrayal my world slipped from its axis and everything changed. My husband was gone and my children were grown and on their own. I was alone for the first time in more than two decades and the silence around me was deafening. As I moved like a ghost through the house that first morning I couldn’t stop wondering who I was if I was not someone’s wife, someone’s mother, even someone’s daughter. Finding that answer would take me on a journey deep within myself.