Stretch Your Lifestyle: the MINDSET

Stretch Your Lifestyle is a mindset. It’s a positive perspective to creating change. I knew early on in my life that I was different. I always wanted to be the best and was extremely competitive, or so I thought. But I was wrong. It was my mindset of wanting to always be better than I was the day before. I think it came from my upbringing. My parents instilled in me that I could do anything I set my mind to, to change my perspective constantly, and to never be satisfied just settling. What a gift they gave me! I never wanted to be labeled a certain way. This is not based on gender or age, which I know would seem to be the natural progression of this article. It’s based on changing what happe

Things Moms Can’t Say: Your Dad Cheated on Me

[Editor's note: another in our series on "Things Moms Can't Say." Due to the sensitive nature of the content, the writer has asked to remain anonymous. I have sat on this piece for several months, trying to find a good ending to it, a kernel of positivity, but realized it is best left unsettled, for the reader to ponder.] Divorce is hard. It’s emotional and physical and raw. There is no rule book for getting divorced or maintaining dignity in the relationship between two people who were once married and who share children. I can’t with certainty say there is a best way of ending a marriage. I can say with certainty there is a worst way. I remember the first time I caught my ex cheating. My k

Black Girl Mixtape is About Seeing Black Women

Source: The Odyssey Online Did you know that there are often conversations on black culture, even as it pertains specifically to black womanhood – and no black women will be present in the discussion? Did you realize that there is often someone else speaking on our behalf? Really. A black women, Tarana Burke, started the #meToo movement but in December 2017 TIME magazine featured women, who they called, “The Silence Breakers,” on their cover highlighting the #meToo movement and did not have Tarana Burke on the cover. How? And why? Did you know that there is little to no major funding or solidarity as it pertains to lifting black women as the authority on matters pertaining to blackness and w



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