Stretch Your Lifestyle: the MINDSET

Stretch Your Lifestyle is a mindset. It’s a positive perspective to creating change. I knew early on in my life that I was different. I always wanted to be the best and was extremely competitive, or so I thought. But I was wrong. It was my mindset of wanting to always be better than I was the day before. I think it came from my upbringing. My parents instilled in me that I could do anything I set my mind to, to change my perspective constantly, and to never be satisfied just settling.

What a gift they gave me! I never wanted to be labeled a certain way.

This is not based on gender or age, which I know would seem to be the natural progression of this article. It’s based on changing what happens all day long in every aspect of your life. It’s about change period. What I learned early on was that you could direct the path of the choices you make from your daily fashion to the route you chose to drive home, CHANGE is a constant. You can lead and guide the personal choices you make to insure the direction of your CHANGE. Change can have a positive impact on your life.

We currently live in a society that is unhappy, stuck, or stifled. I would love to add or give people motivation to see that everyday choices can drastically improve and affect your life and your life choices that include your personal health, your fashion, and your business. Stuck in unhappy relationships, stagnant positions in your workplace and in an unhealthy body that has lead you to the stifled wardrobe sitting in your closet.

Stretch Your Lifestyle is a mindset created to break through the boundaries that have stifled our thinking as a society. A society that believes that as we age, we should act and look a certain way. I hope there is no misunderstanding here; I don't want to change society. I want to enhance it. I want to add to our culture like Lyn Slater’s the “Accidental Icon” and Gianluca Vacchi’s the “Most Interesting Man” of this time. I want to create positive energy in all the areas of your life that will help you Stretch your Lifestyle beyond where you currently are. I want to help facilitate and expand your life to a place that you never dreamed you were capable of. This mindset generates and creates excitement and hopeful energy that can take your current lifestyle to an entire new level. Stretch your lifestyle beyond its current state and start beginning to CHANGE.