20 First Dates - Part Four

It's been a while since I've written a post in the 20 First Dates Series. I've had a lot to digest since my last post about closure - not only when it comes to relationships or lack of relationships, but also just in life, and I will admit it has affected my ability to be free with what I want to share and write. However, I recently had a friend go through a bad breakup, after dating someone for the past year, and preceding the breakup, a very difficult, drawn out divorce. We spoke at length about lessons we all must learn before we are ready to fully find closure, to find peace within, and/or to find "the one", if that person even exists. One of the first lessons, one that she is finally fa

Staying Chic in the Heat

As a stylist in Houston, I giggle when I’m asked about the top fashion trends in our city. Anyone that has lived here for more than one year knows that it’s all about survival first in what can be best described as incomprehensible heat and humidity during the months of June – early October. Since today’s woman wears many hats, here are some inspirations and tips on how to look put together and current while running from your car to the a/c in various “real life” situations! For Work Thankfully, most industries are adopting the casual, less “Suitcentric” dress requirements. This is great because it not only allows us to show our personal style, but even more importantly we can be comfortab

She's the #Boss: Spotlight on Perfumer Mair Emenogu

My journey into perfume making and business ownership is far from a traditional one. I don't come from a long line of perfumers and I wasn't formally trained overseas in the art of perfume making. For me, it all started with a former coworker seeing my signature and telling me he could one day see it on a perfume bottle. In the moment nothing happened, but shortly afterwards and for the next three years, every time I would hear my name, I would hear perfume instead. Of course this new venture was met with a lot of opposition and heat from people close to me; however the desire and will to do something outside of the monotonous 9-5 was just too strong, I had to do it, so I did. I studied eve

I'm Not Bossy. I'm the #boss. Leadership.

I was a public school kid. As was my daughter's father. Always thought my child would be too. Until I realized that the experience of most public school kids these days is not the same as the one we had. The Washington Post article about getting my daughter into private school shared my experience going through the interview process with a precocious, only child who has a very strong sense of self (it's no exaggeration to call her my mini-me – except that she is more self actualized at the age of nine, and has been for years, than most adults I know). But this article really isn’t going to be the start of a series of whining about how my kid didn’t get into a particular school. This is the

20 First Dates - Part Three

20 First Dates questions I have been asked, and answers I have given. How long did it take you to go on 20 first dates? Did you have to do it in one month? Confession: I didn’t actually go on 20 first dates. At least, not if you only count the dates since the challenge started. I got pretty close, and it remains to be seen if I get there. Remember, this is about the process of self-discovery – not about the dates or the people themselves. There is no time limit to self-discovery. What defines a date? The definition of a date was very loose. The dates could have been a coffee, a drink, a lunch, a dinner, or a play… How did you meet that many people? They were fairly evenly divided between re

Being Authentic is Who You Are

Being authentic is who I am and try to be. Years ago, my friend Debra and I both loved working in Children’s Church. We had so much fun playing with the children and creating fun games and activities. We were like kids ourselves. Debra and I enjoyed life. Our supervisor often got after Debra and me saying we were acting unprofessional. She said we were too boisterous and needed to tone down our mannerisms. I had over 70 volunteers under me. There were so many women that I was reaching out to. One husband even said to me “When we had first moved to our community, my wife and I had recently lost a baby; you reaching out to her had made all the difference.” This has actually been a very consis

Houston's Beth Purpich - Designing Handbags for Every Occasion

As y'all must know, Texans take great pride in our own. After moving from Los Angeles to Houston six years ago, it was a breath of fresh air to realize what an amazing city Houston is and how many talented artists - in every medium - reside there. Beth Purpich is one such talent, a self-taught hand bag and accessory designer. Beth explains, "More than 10 years ago, while living in Kansas City, I had an idea for a handbag. I had no formal education in design, had no connections in the fashion world and had no clue as to how I could turn that one handbag idea into reality. I used a credit card and I bought a ticket to New York City, after researching handbag manufacturers online. I literally G



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