20 First Dates - Part Three

20 First Dates questions I have been asked, and answers I have given.

How long did it take you to go on 20 first dates? Did you have to do it in one month? Confession: I didn’t actually go on 20 first dates. At least, not if you only count the dates since the challenge started. I got pretty close, and it remains to be seen if I get there. Remember, this is about the process of self-discovery – not about the dates or the people themselves. There is no time limit to self-discovery.

What defines a date? The definition of a date was very loose. The dates could have been a coffee, a drink, a lunch, a dinner, or a play…

How did you meet that many people? They were fairly evenly divided between real life, meeting people at events or via friendly introductions; Facebook friends and/or Facebook setups by friends; and the only app I’ve tried, Bumble (I have no idea if it is better, worse or indifferent compared to other apps – I just know that it was what my single girlfriends were primarily using).

What number was I? If you were one, you may know because I have already told you. If you want to know, just ask and I will tell you (and yes, I have been asked, and have told).

I had planned to write this next post in the series on “Learning to be Alone.” However, after the recent holiday weekend, I must take a detour on this journey, and talk about family, closure and acceptance.