20 First Dates - Part Two

Before I delve into the dates, let’s talk about the D word. The first one – the one that leads to dating after marriage. Divorce. The best advice I got post-divorce was, “Just wait. In six months, in a year, your life will be completely different.” It’s so hard to believe that when you’re in the midst of it. When I got married, I will fully admit I was a smug married – we had dated for six years prior to engagement, and for another two before getting married – so I went in with the attitude that we knew each other inside and out, and nothing would take us down. We were a team. I was patient, more patient than friends expected me to be. Indeed I had friends who encouraged me to put my foot do

Powerful Women Empower Powerful Women

The presence of a powerful woman is unique and strikingly commands attention. Powerful women exude it when they walk into the room. It’s the way they carry themselves: standing as tall as possible, shoulders back, head held high. They make eye contact with everyone in the room and usually do it with an engaging smile. Their handshakes aren’t mousy; they’re strong and firm. When they sit, they don’t cower, instead they take up space with “powerful” posture. They do not take themselves too seriously. They’re resilient and able to admit they’re not perfect. I had the honor and pleasure of participating in the Real Beauty Real Women Socially Conscious Fashionista Photo Shoot in Houston, Texas.

Love Always Begins Within

Allow me to challenge and provoke several thoughts and fears you may have with these basic, but raw questions: What defines you? Is it your spouse or significant other; the car you drive; your career; the clothes and/or jewelry you wear? What gives you power? Do you speak your truth? If everything fell off today and it was only you, naked standing in front of a mirror, could you identify yourself without labels of any kind? Would you be able to recognize who you really are within or do you allow another person/material things to take over your life? Several years ago I had a rude awakening when I was forced to answer every single one of these questions. It was honest and painful. The answers

20 First Dates - Part One

I've always been a relationship person. Whether that relationship was a few short months before I moved on, or longer, I have never been a good dater. I like the adventure of meeting someone and figuring out, one person at a time, if they're a good fit. I wrote a poem at age 13 or 14 that apparently was controversial but still won the school wide poetry contest my freshman year of high school; it was about finding myself, but it applies really well here. Shades I was born white in a black person's body in a tan person's soul and though I struggled to get out no one understood that I was slowly changing shades trying on different ones to give me different views. I felt eventually I'd find my

A Creative Collector’s Journey

I had a dream to create. There was never a clear direction as to what I would create until I was present to witness what moves my soul. At a young age I was gifted the opportunity to see, feel, hear, touch and taste multiple aspects of what constitutes creativity. Music that sets a mood. Art that interprets words. Fashion that transcends cultures. Film that ignites thought. These are umbrellas to so many subcultures within the creative communities. ​All these combined loves seemed to be disjointed as I constantly worked to glue them into a masterpiece that would tell a tale of journeys traveled. Kaleidoscope Houston is that ever changing dream that builds upon itself. I've walked many pat

How Social Anxiety Impacted My Life

For as long as I could remember, I’ve been hypersensitive. If I were misbehaving and a parent or babysitter spoke to me harshly I would break down in tears. “Stop all that crying before I give you something to cry about!” I never understood that logic but I figured I better do something quick to hide my emotions. Entering into my teenage years caused my sensitivity to enhance with the help of those wonderful hormones I couldn’t control. Also being tall for my age and the only black girl in my grade at a majority white school caused me to stand out when all I wanted was to blend in. After every conversation, I replayed the discussion in my mind to see how I could have said it better or if the

A Look at Designer Cesar Galindo

Staci and Anika recently had the honor of co-hosting a trunk show for former Houstonian, designer Cesar Galindo at one of Houston's best curated luxury lifestyle storefronts, Sloan/Hall. For those unfamiliar with Cesar's work, he began his career designing costumes for the Miami City Ballet and Houston Grand Opera, before making his way to the big time, working on his own collection while also working for known fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein Collection, and L.A.M.B. We love his clothing so much that we flew to Fall 2016's NYFW for a showcase of Cesar's designs along with handbag designer, Beth Purpich. The youngest of 11 children, Cesar is a first generation Mexican/Ame

“Just Do It”

The one thing that most successful people have in common is that they have learned how to connect their gifts and talents to their passions. The truth is, we are all born with our own unique gifts. The life path that works for one person may not be the one that works for you. Have you taken the time to ask yourself, 'What is going to make me happy and fulfilled?" Whatever you choose to pursue, you must have a strategy first. A great example is the heights my good friend Michele Thornton has achieved on her journey. Michele has shared her life lessons to help other women find their intrinsic skills. Throughout her book, “Stratechic” (, Michele reminds us that “If you don



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