A Creative Collector’s Journey

I had a dream to create. There was never a clear direction as to what I would create until I was present to witness what moves my soul. At a young age I was gifted the opportunity to see, feel, hear, touch and taste multiple aspects of what constitutes creativity. Music that sets a mood. Art that interprets words. Fashion that transcends cultures. Film that ignites thought. These are umbrellas to so many subcultures within the creative communities. ​All these combined loves seemed to be disjointed as I constantly worked to glue them into a masterpiece that would tell a tale of journeys traveled. Kaleidoscope Houston is that ever changing dream that builds upon itself.

I've walked many paths and have had passions on top of passions but never so immense a feeling as when I describe what is Kaleidoscope Houston. It was never about making money nor being in the spotlight. It's always been about the creative aspect and the connection it brings creatives and their supporters. It's vitality exists in the legacy being made now. It's in the