When is Enough, Enough?

During the past few months I, like many of you, have been overwhelmed by the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Martha; the earthquakes of Mexico, the wildfires in California, the mass shooting in Las Vegas, the racial divide and murder that occurred in Charlottesville and similar instances across the nation. Not to mention the countless news reports on gender discrimination, violence and abuse. I could go on and on with the smaller less viewed stories on the news, but by now you get the point. Frankly, it is all too painful and depressing. We cannot control mother nature, we cannot prevent evil people from doing bad things. However, the large majority of us beautifully flawed and ta

Things Moms Can't Say

Editor's note: this is the first in a series of "Things X Can't Say"; whether its Moms, Dads, Women, Men, etc - all about how we feel judged for our decisions when we really need to lift each other up in support. If you have something you would like to write, please email me at Last week I was sitting at a kid sports thing and was texting a girlfriend who was also sitting at a kid sports thing and we were commiserating about our mom commitments. At first it was the usual back and forth banter between moms, but then it turned serious; she told me it was suffocating her. We agreed to meet up (on her back patio, because, kids) for a glass of wine after sports things and discuss

20 First Dates - Part Five

Journey into the world of dating as seen through the eyes of a single mom and her 20 first date challenge.

Fashion as a Force for Good

We love our socially conscious partners and what they are doing to create and affect meaningful change. One of these amazing partners is Union & Fifth. In fact, it's how RBRW Founder and CEO Jacquelyn Aluotto and I met, when I was working with U5 at Fashion x Houston last year. Union & Fifth's Founding Executive Director Christena Reinhard, one of our Socially Conscious Fashionistas, conceived of a campaign to help victims of Hurricane Harvey while we were in the midst of the storm. Please read her message below. The task of connecting with great philanthropists and organizations seemed daunting when we started Union & Fifth. Thanks to the generosity of JP Morgan Philanthropy Center, we sta



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