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When is Enough, Enough?

During the past few months I, like many of you, have been overwhelmed by the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Martha; the earthquakes of Mexico, the wildfires in California, the mass shooting in Las Vegas, the racial divide and murder that occurred in Charlottesville and similar instances across the nation. Not to mention the countless news reports on gender discrimination, violence and abuse. I could go on and on with the smaller less viewed stories on the news, but by now you get the point. Frankly, it is all too painful and depressing.

We cannot control mother nature, we cannot prevent evil people from doing bad things. However, the large majority of us beautifully flawed and talented people CAN practice and demonstrate basic human decency. I am deeply saddened by the fact that my children and grandchildren will not grow up in a world where people see heart and humanity first.

I don’t understand why so many people see ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic status before the heart and minds of the individuals who stand before them. What I know for sure is that we as a collective people have more in common than we have differences. Why can’t we live in a world where the only race and gender that matters is “Human”?

I often find myself wondering, when does the bias, false sense of superiority, and demoralization of humans begin in the minds of individuals who demonstrate these beliefs? As I watch young toddlers from different backgrounds play, I can instantly see that they don’t see race or gender. They see people like them and hone in on good. At what point does negative societal input take affect and change this thinking in some children; who in turn grow up to be adults that contribute to this vicious cycle of bad and indecent behavior?

Quite frankly, I don’t have any of the answers. But, I choose not to bow down to fear and let the bad crab apples spoil my view on the whole bunch! I have seen the beauty in people. I am deliberate in surrounding myself with individuals who understand that we are all God’s children and our life’s purpose is to serve and give back. We must lift as we climb, help those in need, and speak up about injustice and inequality. I pledge my life’s work to doing all I can to ensure future generations do not have to endure a society accepting of racism, sexism, violence and abuse. I applaud the women and men who support Real Beauty Real Women, I know you understand.

Let’s pledge to make our voices louder and our actions stronger…Enough is Enough!

Peace and Blessings,

Dorinda Walker is an inspirational figure that had a meteoric rise from the streets to VP of a fortune 100 company. As VP of Consumer Strategy and Key Initiatives within Multicultural Marketing for Prudential’s U.S. Businesses, Walker is responsible for supporting U.S businesses to plan and execute profitable growth strategies among diverse consumer segments; in addition to, educating distributors about the benefits of adapting a Total Market Strategy.

Prior to joining Prudential, Walker served as the director of Employee Relations for No Barriers Home Health Care, developing new policies for staff compliance and client quality assurance – an effort that resulted in the organization’s accreditation.

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