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Did you know that April is a "celebration" of two horrific causes? It's not only Child Abuse Prevention Month, but also Sexual Assault Awareness Month. I find it sad that we have to have months to highlight issues that should be non-existent in this day and age. Yet, when societal norms sexualize the clothing of young children, tell everyone it's okay to watch internet porn, or go to strip clubs, or our very own higher office holders normalize treating women like pieces of meat, it's obvious that we live in a highly misogynistic society. Nothing was going to change in the 1980's and Working Girl, but wasn't that supposed to go out of favor around the time of the movie Clueless? (I know, I'm showing my age).

Fewer than 10% of all sexual assaults go reported. While statistics proclaim that 2 in 5 women and 1 in 5 men will experience sexual assault, I would argue that not only are more women and men affected than the numbers belie, but the affects on their family members and friends reach even further. I would actually argue that almost every woman I know has experienced it in one fashion or other, including myself.

Wednesday is #DenimDay - because consent is what you say, not what you wear. Join us in wearing denim - take a photo, and share it loudly - because change will only happen one person, one voice, at a time.

Graphic courtesy of Houston Area Women's Center

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