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When Jacquelyn asked me to do this blog, in my head I literally said…WTF?! I totally understood what it meant, but I look at myself in the mirror and say SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS…yes! FASHIONISTA….um I don't think so! I prefer jeans and don’t care what brand…I usually get my dresses for galas and events, the day before which is the same day I usually decide to attend. Conscious Fashionista, my grade is an F. Oh, and thank God for Tootsies and Nordstrom's who have amazing personal shoppers to assist me in my last minute pursuit to look decent!

Socially Conscious "SC", I can get my head around that and then humbly accept to be a part of this beautiful movement. I think I was born SC, I hate injustice. I mean I REALLY HATE injustice and I am an avid fan of the underdog. I can't stand being controlled or the idea of bondage so I have been liberating myself and others, all of my life. From the sweet boy who had a bar between his legs for a disability to the sweet Indian girl that I graduated with…I just couldn’t stand to see them bullied or disrespected.

For now my passion is fighting and advocating for girls and women who have experienced the worst of humanity...SEX TRAFFICKING in TEXAS. I truly believe it is the largest gender inequality issue this next century will face. The dirtiest of all dirt has mastered and fine-tuned the process of luring girls into slavery in a modern world. This is now a FIRST WORLD PROBLEM. It actually always has been…but only a few people knew it and even fewer have been fighting. But those of us that now know and are fighting back…well WE ARE GROWING in numbers and consciousness!

We will have to unite to bring awareness, do outreach, rescue, provide safety and assessment and rehabilitate and transition these beautiful souls back to the mainstream! For me I find that creating parental awareness and doing survivor in-depth and hands on advocacy is what feels good in my heart. From taking parent calls to sitting at hotels waiting. From going to hospitals and then mental illness facilities. From family sessions to long term safe houses. From holding hands to holding chickens (named after me). I look forward to sharing my journey with you and I hope you find it intriguing and it motivates you to stand up and act soon. This is my path for now….this is where God wants me to be, a SOCIALLY CONSIOUS fashionista!

P.S. It is absolutely an honor to have my namesakes...the Jenn Hohman chickens! Muah Cat French! Creating Parental Awareness Changing our laws!

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