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Powerful Women Empower Powerful Women

The presence of a powerful woman is unique and strikingly commands attention. Powerful women exude it when they walk into the room. It’s the way they carry themselves: standing as tall as possible, shoulders back, head held high.

They make eye contact with everyone in the room and usually do it with an engaging smile. Their handshakes aren’t mousy; they’re strong and firm. When they sit, they don’t cower, instead they take up space with “powerful” posture. They do not take themselves too seriously. They’re resilient and able to admit they’re not perfect.

I had the honor and pleasure of participating in the Real Beauty Real Women Socially Conscious Fashionista Photo Shoot in Houston, Texas. In preparation for the event and successful creation of beautiful images, the normal details were required for photo shoot prep such as hair, makeup, fashionable garment selection, accessories, shoes, etc. We were also asked to submit our favorite quote and bring a small item that describes what we are most passionate about.

WOW – the event space was breathtaking; the participants were stunningly beautiful. There was an exceptionally diverse group of women in attendance. There were Doctors, Attorneys, Authors, an Art Gallery Owner, a former Human Trafficking Victim and now Advocate, Non-Profit Organization Founders, Fashion Industry Influencers, a Magazine Publisher, Executives, Entrepreneurs, the Director of a Crime-Fighting Organization, Philanthropists, Business Professionals of various industries, and much more.

I initially felt anxiety when thinking of what I would say during my highlighted moment in a room with such powerful people. I then reflected on valuable advice once given — if you are invited to sit a table, then you have the right to be there. Sit up straight, roll your shoulders back, be bold, yet graceful, and speak up. At the start of the event, every woman introduced herself. As the event went on, I heard about some of the challenges they faced and obstacles they overcame.

Each woman that day had a different story to tell and no two stories were the same. Hearing how each of these women has excelled throughout their lives reminded me that there’s no perfect journey, but only endless possibilities. It was extremely motivating to engage at this Real Beauty Real Women photo shoot that included such remarkable women, also known as Socially Conscious Fashionistas.

An essential factor that contributed to the event’s success was instead of simply hearing stories from these women’s lives, there was open discussion and networking throughout the entire day. The level of engagement from each woman in the room offering knowledge, advice, and potential collaborations was invaluable. Many were willing to help with each of our passionate causes and make a difference. I personally appreciated that these women were open, honest, and exemplified that though they are passionate and driven women, they are not invincible —- they are human.

The experience reminded me that the most powerful women are the ones who never give up. These influential women, despite facing difficult circumstances keep on going. They don’t let the fear of an obstacle stop them from appreciating the journey to every major or minor success.

Two words: tenacity + compassion. The powerful women in the room embodied these traits. They remain laser-focused on their goals, no matter what hindrances or hardships they encounter. At the same time, they also are very generous people who are always ready to help others. We all gathered ultimately in support of the (RBRW) Real Beauty Real Women “Pucker Up For Change” socially conscious marketing campaign. It merges beauty, glamour, media, entertainment, and technology with activism, community and cultural reinvestment. RBRW “Pucker Up For A Change” lipsticks are available in a variety of exquisite shades and can be purchased to support this cause. Its mission is to raise awareness, funds, and resources for women and children who are victims of poverty, domestic violence, and sex trafficking. This innovative campaign personifies the phrase, we rise by lifting others. This event will be hosted in New York on June 28th, and other major cities in future months.

LaToya Pace-Smith is a multi-passioned Entrepreneur, Marketing Maven, Writer, Blogger, and “Socially Conscious Fashionista” who has an affinity for inspiring as many as possible—especially women, mothers (with a tenderness for mothers and daughters with chronic illness), and business professionals—to reach higher and achieve their goals and dreams. She is passionate about being a light and making a difference.


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