Powerful Women Empower Powerful Women

The presence of a powerful woman is unique and strikingly commands attention. Powerful women exude it when they walk into the room. It’s the way they carry themselves: standing as tall as possible, shoulders back, head held high.

They make eye contact with everyone in the room and usually do it with an engaging smile. Their handshakes aren’t mousy; they’re strong and firm. When they sit, they don’t cower, instead they take up space with “powerful” posture. They do not take themselves too seriously. They’re resilient and able to admit they’re not perfect.

I had the honor and pleasure of participating in the Real Beauty Real Women Socially Conscious Fashionista Photo Shoot in Houston, Texas. In preparation for the event and successful creation of beautiful images, the normal details were required for photo shoot prep such as hair, makeup, fashionable garment selection, accessories, shoes, etc. We were also asked to submit our favorite quote and bring a small item that describes what we are most passionate about.