20 First Dates - Part Two

Before I delve into the dates, let’s talk about the D word. The first one – the one that leads to dating after marriage. Divorce. The best advice I got post-divorce was, “Just wait. In six months, in a year, your life will be completely different.”

It’s so hard to believe that when you’re in the midst of it. When I got married, I will fully admit I was a smug married – we had dated for six years prior to engagement, and for another two before getting married – so I went in with the attitude that we knew each other inside and out, and nothing would take us down. We were a team. I was patient, more patient than friends expected me to be. Indeed I had friends who encouraged me to put my foot down, to set limits. He wasn’t a limit setting kind of man. And, I was a second wife, had a great job, and even moved away for three years while we dated long distance. Therefore I decided to give us both the favor of not pushing hard, until it was time. We both knew when it was the right time to get engaged.