I'm Not Bossy. I'm the #boss. Leadership.

I was a public school kid. As was my daughter's father. Always thought my child would be too. Until I realized that the experience of most public school kids these days is not the same as the one we had.

The Washington Post article about getting my daughter into private school shared my experience going through the interview process with a precocious, only child who has a very strong sense of self (it's no exaggeration to call her my mini-me – except that she is more self actualized at the age of nine, and has been for years, than most adults I know).

But this article really isn’t going to be the start of a series of whining about how my kid didn’t get into a particular school. This is the start of a new series highlighting how Socially Conscious Fashionistas become leaders. Their best tools, organizations, and aha moments.

Three things occurred recently which made me feel even more validated in my concern for and need to express that it’s important that we create evidence of our children’s – especially our girl children’s – self worth and leadership abilities early and often.

  1. I read an article about how a woman’s sobriety gave her a different perspective into how women cope with trying to “have it all.” I thought that the premise of the article was fairly prescient and applicable to ALL WOMEN and more than just being about sobriety, was about the misconceptions we have about what it means to have it all, and the pressures and judgements we apply to ourselves and each other.

  2. A man on a recent flight moved my seat mate, non-profit founder a