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Houston's Beth Purpich - Designing Handbags for Every Occasion

As y'all must know, Texans take great pride in our own. After moving from Los Angeles to Houston six years ago, it was a breath of fresh air to realize what an amazing city Houston is and how many talented artists - in every medium - reside there. Beth Purpich is one such talent, a self-taught hand bag and accessory designer.

Beth explains,

"More than 10 years ago, while living in Kansas City, I had an idea for a handbag. I had no formal education in design, had no connections in the fashion world and had no clue as to how I could turn that one handbag idea into reality. I used a credit card and I bought a ticket to New York City, after researching handbag manufacturers online. I literally Googled "handbag manufacturer" and most of the results were based in NYC. So I took two days off from my job and flew to NYC for the first time as an adult. There I met with a manufacturer and began the learning process of making a bag. Since then I have been marketing my own designs and learning so much. I have failed a lot and I have been told "no" so many times I can't remember. Every day selling my own designs is a challenge and every entrepreneur goes through the rejection process time after time. The confidence comes from practice and persistence and each new goal leads to more adversity to overcome."

The Elizabeth Purpich Collection includes my favorite handbags for every occasion. Beth and I recently went to the Deer Valley Club in Park City, Utah to enjoy some mountain air, hiking, and talk about her upcoming projects.

As does every designer or beauty product we showcase, Beth has her favorite charitable projects, including as a volunteer for the Education Foundation of Harris County - All-Earth Ecobot Challenge, The Giving Back Fund, The Comfort Crew for Military Kids, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. "I try to always have a charitable component of all events and projects my brand is involved with. Giving back to the community and mentoring up-and-coming designers and artists is a top priority for my business." One of the many reasons we love supporting her, in addition to the killer bags.

In September 2016, we went to the Cesar x Beth showcase and had a great time. We're so excited to be bringing a Houston contingent once again.

I've seen the preview of the fabrics being used for both the clothing and the accessories, and can't wait to see the collaboration.

The Fall Show is Invitation Only. If you're interested in coming along for a truly VIP experience, contact Anika using the info below.

Written by Anika Jackson. Mother, community volunteer, philanthropist, and socially conscious fashionista ambassador. Team Member of Real Beauty Real Women, Editor of, and CEO of Philanthropic Fetes. Check out our latest project, Social Graces Social Club! Contact her at

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