Staying Chic in the Heat

As a stylist in Houston, I giggle when I’m asked about the top fashion trends in our city. Anyone that has lived here for more than one year knows that it’s all about survival first in what can be best described as incomprehensible heat and humidity during the months of June – early October.

Since today’s woman wears many hats, here are some inspirations and tips on how to look put together and current while running from your car to the a/c in various “real life” situations!

For Work

Thankfully, most industries are adopting the casual, less “Suitcentric” dress requirements. This is great because it not only allows us to show our personal style, but even more importantly we can be comfortable!

I look for easy natural fabrications that allow your skin to breathe, hence not trapping heat to your body. Ideally, cotton and linen blends (less wrinkling) that skim your silhouette lend to a flattering non fussy look. If you must go with a synthetic, opt for an easy breezy silhouette! Stay away from anything tight to your body if you can.

Layering IS possible in this heat, and most times needed when you get indoors. We love our a/c in Houston, but it can be arctic with such high levels of humidity. The key to chic layering is to make sure you do not chop yourself up too much, meaning that the eye doesn’t stop more than 4 times when you look at what you have on, this will only shorten you and add width.

A great trick is to go monochromatic in your top/bottom and then bring a long layer, like a duster cardigan, a light weight topper coat, or the coolest trend out there, a long robe/kimono piece to create more length. Add a long scarf or layer long necklaces to break up the look and again add length to your body. Perfect for petites!!! If you are under 5’5”, just be sure to add a little lift with your shoe when doing longer looks. Also, try to keep your proportions balanced, if you do anything voluminous on top, go narrow on bottom and visa versa!

And for those of you who work from home, do yourself a favor, get dressed for work! It’s so tempting to just stay in the PJ’s or yoga pants since no one sees you, trust me I get it! But doing so almost inures getting into a style rut! Get up, shower, put on a bit of make up or at least mascara and lipstick, and as for inspirations on what to wear, refer to my off duty looks below!!!!!

Off Duty Looks

Okay, so we all are guilty of the look at me I just came from the gym (wink wink) yoga pant temptation when running errands or picking the kiddos up from school. I’m guilty of this as well, but c’mon ladies you can only get away with that for so long! Here are alternative options that will look fresh and effortless, and you’ll be comfy at the same time!

The new cropped denim: There are so many creative hemlines going on in denim now, I absolutely LOVE them! Pair them with a great graphic tee and some cool sneakers for that youthful carefree look!