Black Girl Mixtape is About Seeing Black Women

Source: The Odyssey Online

Did you know that there are often conversations on black culture, even as it pertains specifically to black womanhood – and no black women will be present in the discussion? Did you realize that there is often someone else speaking on our behalf? Really. A black women, Tarana Burke, started the #meToo movement but in December 2017 TIME magazine featured women, who they called, “The Silence Breakers,” on their cover highlighting the #meToo movement and did not have Tarana Burke on the cover. How? And why?

Did you know that there is little to no major funding or solidarity as it pertains to lifting black women as the authority on matters pertaining to blackness and womanhood? When it comes to grants and program funding being allocated to women centered curriculum – black women centered programming is least likely to receive funding. The question most often asked in response to these kinds of applications is, “How can you make this more inclusive?” However, programs – even on a federal level – that are geared towards women, from certain demographics (demographics most likely to have no black women and very few women of color) are least likely to be asked these kinds of “inclusive” questions in response to their applications.