Socially Conscious Fashionistas: Meet Rachel Lin and Mitzi Uy of mori

I recently met Rachel Lin through an online women's empowerment group, and after learning more about her passion and purpose and checking out their website, I couldn't wait to share what she and Mori's original founder, Mitzi Uy, are up to with their fashion brand, mori.

In fact, top secret, I've found my new go-to gift for 2020!

How did mori start?

Mori is a variant name for “Moriel” in Hebrew, which means ‘God teaches’. Mitzi started mori with a bible and journal in her hands for a few years. As a result, she created many journals on her own, and hence birthed the World’s 1st Pursebook, a blend of purse and refillable notebooks, which is mori’s key selling product. Despite challenges, mori deeply believes that God is our teacher and will lead and guide us with wisdom and creativity to provide sustainable work for the mothers.

Originally launched in 2011, Mitzy started mori in order to help women in her native country, the Phillipines. In 2015, Mitzi and Rachel, from Singapore, met online and due to their shared interest in social enterprise, started working together.

How does mori make a difference?

We directly employ urban poor mothers in Philippines, and also champion purpose and joy to both users and makers.

Our goals are to: