QualityWorks Calls for Companies to Fill Software Testing Companies with Qualified BIPOC Candidates

Stacy Kirk is a computer scientist, tech entrepreneur, agile coach, coder, international technology speaker, and Stanford University alumnae. She has championed quality and process innovation in software development for over 20 years. In 2010, Stacy founded QualityWorks Consulting Group, a quality-driven web and mobile application delivery firm. QualityWorks delivers value for clients like AT&T, Fandango, Rotten Tomatoes, Fox, and Legacy.com.

In August of 2020, QualityWorks launched a software testing program in an effort to help close the testing skills gaps and increase representation and diversity in the technology industry. The decision to create the program was ignited by the increasing number of trained professionals being laid off due to the economic impact of the pandemic. The call for applicants from the BIPOC community attracted close to 200 university-trained professionals with up to 10 years of valuable professional experience in industries such as Banking and Finance, IT Support, Media and Entertainment, Engineering and Computer. Through rigorous screening, the top candidates were selected and have undergone an intensive bootcamp to build fundamental and practical skills in testing.

CEO of QualityWorks, Stacy Kirk is calling for companies to move beyond performative diversity and hire qualified diverse testers for their tech teams.

“I know how difficult it can be to fill testing positions with the right people. For the last 10 years, QualityWorks has been helping companies to build strong testing teams so we know the models and the gaps. We've taken everything that is painful about finding great diverse testing talent and built a program to address those pain points. We have built a brilliant group of testers from diverse backgrounds - the kind of testers needed to move organizations forward. Now it’s up to companies to take action” - Stacy Kirk