Natasha Valley: A Woman on a Mission to Bring Financial Literacy to Children

Natasha Valley is the Head of Brand Strategy at Kiddie Kredit, an innovative app that helps children learn financial literacy through chores. She is a trend-setting, brand strategist who has led creative marketing, digital media, social media, and public relations strategy for world-class athletes, entertainers, influencers and brands. Growing up in England with American parents gave her a global view of sports, entertainment, and business, which lit her flame for branding. After receiving her Bachelor's & Master's from Florida A&M University in 2009, she began increasing the profitability of brands through strategy and storytelling.

In the past few years, she has joined the founding team of three incredible tech startups. At Kiddie Kredit, (an app designed to teach children about the credit system through activity completion and reward redemption), she is the Head of Brand Strategy. She is also the Chief Marketing Officer at Soulace, a virtual therapy app for Black people with Black providers. And, she served as the Chief Marketing Officer at THE MOST, (a startup disrupting the hair care space with tech enabled tools for women with textured hair), for a year.

In December 2020, she founded a social media marketing company called atus, which provides and implements strategies for startups, professional athletes, and other amazing brands.

She also serves on the Board of Directors for Empower Fives, which is a foundation dedicated to changing the landscape of college basketball.

Can you tell us the story of how you grew up?

I was born and raised in England, but my parents are American. My childhood was fun! I played sports from age 4 until my freshman year of college. While in the states, we spent a lot of family time at MLB and NBA games, which planted the seed for working in sports. I also have to mention that my parents made me and my older brother write essays as discipline. Funny enough, we both work in fields where writing is integral. I also treasured science programs I participated in, which included tech. Another seed planted.

What brought you to your career path?

My path has definitely had a few pivots. Initially I planned on be