Meet Dr. Tamsin Astor: Your Chief Habit Scientist

Tamsin Astor has done it all. From maneuvering through the worlds of academia to motherhood and everything in between, Astor has learned the art of managing different lifestyles and relating to others from different multifaceted backgrounds. She has a PhD in neuroscience and psychology and a post doctorate in education. Since deciding to move past the world of academia, she has gotten a certification in yoga, written a book on habits and health, and started her own coaching business.

Tamsin has been through many unexpected hardships that have landed her where she is today. Her two-year-old son battled cancer, her cousin lost his fight with leukemia, and her husband walked out on her. These immense struggles made Tamsin realize what was truly important and what to put first in her life in order to maintain her mental and physical health. When looking for solutions for what she was struggling with, she began to combine Eastern and Western approaches to habits, mindset, and life in general. This led to what is now Yoga Branded LLC, her company in which she strives to support others to create intentional habits.

Through coaching and speaking, Tamsin empowers people, mainly women, “to create connections between their daily habits and their life vision so they have time for what they want to do, time for what they need to do and time for fun,” she remarks. As a “Chief Habit Scientist,” Tamsin helps busy people create a healthy balance between professional and personal habits. She gives talks, hosts workshops, and individual and group sessions.

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