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Luxury Jewelry Designer Amita Bhalla Launches Holiday Line

Amita Bhalla announces the launch of her newest line, the Murano Collection, in which she utilizes Murano glass beads, clay, Czech glass beads, metal and other local materials to capture the essence of the region from which the jewelry is inspired. With Amita Bhalla’s bold and ultra-delicate design offerings, consumers are able to select a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted piece that best suits their lifestyle for a timeless and chic appeal. This collection of fine jewelry will make the perfect gift for this holiday season.

Amita Bhalla explains, “Originating in Italy, Murano glass is centuries old and is world-renowned for its appearance, elegance and beauty. I had the sheer pleasure of learning this craft and hand molding Murano glass creations at the Berengo Studios in Murano, Italy, which has been the creative haven of many glassmasters. My new jewelry collection embodies the history of Murano glass and the beauty of this enchanting Italian island. It is my hope that my handcrafted Murano jewelry collection will be treasured throughout families, for generations to come.”

Amita Bhalla is a Neurologist and Sleep Medicine specialist whose passion is painting and fine jewelry making. She creates uniquely designed pieces, none of which are recreated and with each individual piece being inspired by the places where she created them. Her work is designed with an expressed sensitivity to the natural world. Each of her jewels were created to be collected, worn and exalted. With a belief that life is a transfer of energy and it is elemental to connect with the positive, she only works in a state of positivity while making the jewelry, in order to transfer this energy to the buyer.

10% of all proceeds from Amita Bhalla goes to the Magic Bus Foundation, a foundation that works with children and young people in India, taking them on a journey from childhood to livelihood and out of poverty.


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