In the Spotlight: Founder of High Profile, Event Planning Company, Tammy Dickerson

Tammy Dickerson is the founder and Lead Planner of tbg Events. Celebrated as a tenacious powerhouse, Tammy oversees illustrious affairs from installations and social galas to fundraisers and corporate conferences. For over twenty-seven years, she has partnered with politicians, global organizations, celebrities and business tycoons on the curation and production of their events. An extensive background in business marketing and sales made Tammy the savvy and meticulous event curator she is today.

She moved up the ranks quickly in her early corporate career overseeing projects including the Super Bowl and Olympic Torch Relay in Los Angeles as well as numerous regional and national sales meetings, sales rallies and trade shows. She soaked up a wealth of knowledge and experience that boosted her confidence in the industry. A later role at Coca-Cola relocated Tammy from Texas to Los Angeles where her career would take on a different face. An opportunity to manage The Inner-City Economic Summit with Vice-President Al Gore as the keynote speaker altered the trajectory of her career. Tammy resigned from Coca-Cola and managed the summit under her own company, The Baker Group. This high-profile event would be the first of many and set the tone for her success as an event expert. Since fully launching her company twenty years ago, Tammy has worked with countless Fortune 100 Companies, including Coca-Cola, American Airlines, Wells Fargo, Disney, The LA Sparks and The Milken Institute. tbg Events, as it’s now known, produces over 30 events annually with anywhere from 50 to over 15,000 guests.

The 20th anniversary of tbg Events also comes with a shift in the company’s business model due to COVID-19. In order to maintain the highest standards for client events while also complying with government mandates, tbg Events has reshaped their business model to accommodate virtual and COVID-19 safe events.

Tammy Dickerson says, “If you can dream it, we can create it. We are known for infusing distinctive design concepts into events, our creative team of designers will craft a special occasion that is reflective of your style, personality and artistic taste. At tbg Events we believe events are experiences and touching each sensory for your guest is where it starts. Our talented creative strategists are devoted to making your dream event materialize.”


What do you do during a typical day with event planning?

Planning large scale events is absolutely invigorating! I truly thrive in an environment of what some call “chaos”. The more aspects, levels, number of days, details, layers…the more I love it. I have always been a leader and organizer. Whether it was the lead dance captain in high school, to planning all of our family reunions, to managing a team for the Super Bowl. That’s when I kick it and do my best. On a typical day at TBG Events I focus a lot on the little details but also on team management and ensuring my team is staying on track.

My 3 secrets to a high caliber event are:

  1. Define your goals and objectives. Having a detailed briefing paper for any event is critical. Outline exactly what the purpose of your event is and what you hope the outcome will be. Having a detailed brief means there won’t be any miscommunication when speaking to suppliers, vendors, partners, sponsors, staff, etc.. They’ll be able to quickly understand exactly what you want for your event. It also aids when you are collaborating with your client and helping to measure your deliverables.

  2. Always have a “Plan B”. Be ready for anything. We like to call it “real-time solutions”. In your planning, make sure to include a back-up plan. I mean for ANYTHING. Rain, shine, wind, suppliers not arriving, the food being ruined, someone’s getting hurt, you name it. It can all happen! Even though it might be unlikely that any of these things will happen, as the saying goes: “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.” Relying on nothing but your original plan is a dangerous approach. After a 20 year career working in events, it's inevitable that something will eventually go awry. Preparing will serve you far better than panicking.

  3. Details, details, details. Having an eye for the detail of an event means you’ll be tying up all the loose ends before your clients even realize they were there. Multitasking and events go hand in hand, resulting in missed details for the inexperienced. It’s our job, as the event planner, to ensure this doesn’t happen. Find a system or software to help you manage all the details that work best for you. Whether it’s written to-do lists or using calendar alarms an