Get to Know Margo Ford of Fitness by Ford

Margo Ford is an ISSA certified Fitness Instructor. She began her journey four years ago when she was preparing for her wedding. She stepped out of her comfort zone and joined a fitness bootcamp and discovered how easy and how much fun it is to get in shape. When she began to help her friends lose weight, she realized she could start something special. During quarantine she started her business Fitness by Ford and provides virtual challenges and trainings.

What was the pivotal point that made you decide to go for it and try to lose weight?

I had gained about 40 pounds, and I started to notice I couldn’t even suck my stomach in and certain clothes I wore just weren’t appealing to me. I just became unhappy with how I looked. I wanted to make sure I made that physical change because when you look good, you feel good, so as I started to lose weight, I started to feel better.

When did you start your company?

A year ago, right before COVID hit. I got certified a little over a year ago, but I got nervous to start my own thing. When COVID hit, it kind of pushed me out there because people were posting about not being able to go to the gym and wanting to work out, so I started the virtual fitness challenges. A lot of people also didn’t have anything to do but eat, so this gave them something else to do. I gave them a meal plan and ideas of things to eat other than just picking up fast food on the way home, or being home and eating cookies and ice cream all day long. I started out with the 21 day ab challenge. I would record myself doing the workouts so people would know how to do it and I posted it in a Facebook group so we could all communicate. <