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Get to Know C. Renee Wilson - Entrepreneur, Founder, and Leader Among Women

C. Renee Wilson is an entrepreneurial force. After a number of years gaining recognition consulting in the wealth building and business development arenas, she decided to use her ambition and passion to help others maximize their potential. Wilson’s story epitomizes the spirit of black entrepreneurship and women solidarity; using the success you’ve gained to uplift others.

Wilson grew up in Bakertown, Louisiana and spent her youth watching her mother and grandparents constantly giving. As active members of their ministry, generosity and selflessness were always at the core of their service. Wilson admittedly never saw herself pursuing that kind of work. “As a young girl I thought, ‘Why do they always have to do stuff for other people?’” Wilson said in an interview on Equity Movement TV, the media platform for unique financial wellness consortiums called Equity Movement and Man Cave that she is building with real estate mogul Julius Cartwright. “But as I got older I started to realize that there’s something very fulfilling about doing something for other people.” And so, over the course of seven years, Wilson used these values to build the legacy of her primary business venture: Women’s Inflection Point.

Founded in 2016, Women’s Inflection Point (WIP)’s approach, strategies, resources, and mission all revolve around helping women organically reach their maximum potential in each of their life cycle stages.

The organization takes the unique approach of focusing on three tiers of the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid: Physiological (your wellness), Safety (your money), and Self-Actualization (yourself). “I felt it would be helpful to build the platform based on something people were familiar with,” Wilson explained. “Most people I speak with are very familiar with Maslow’s theory. Maslow’s also covered the key areas that I wish I knew and had practiced early in life.”

And therein lies the revolutionary essence of WIP. The program is so unique not only because of its fundamentally holistic framework, but also because of the pure authenticity in its intent. At the core of WIP is a set of values, habits, and skills that Wilson wished she had known at her various phases in life.

“My experiences along my 62 year journey have led me to become very passionate about helping other women not make some of the same mistakes I made. As I look in my rearview mirror, caring for myself is not something I did and today those decisions have had a major impact on me,” Wilson says. “My way of helping women is through my platform Women’s Inflection Point.”

And it’s working. Overall, the non-profit and its corresponding media platforms (namely its podcast, Women Acquiring Assets, and the Women Acquiring Assets section of Equity Movement Magazine) have reached hundreds of aspiring women of all ages and ethnicities to help them reach their fullest potential.

“I have women of all different ages and ethnicities that have connected, are doing business together, and have grown their own platforms through the engagements they’ve had through [WIP]. I love connecting people to what and who they need to be connected to for their success.” Wilson says. “Women’s Inflection Point is an incredibly diverse community; which is how we expose ourselves to new perspectives and think beyond biases. There’s something to be said for getting women of different backgrounds together.”

All of Wilson’s success did not come without its challenges. But following every obstacle, was her greatest success.

“The most rewarding moment is always right before I’m about to give up,” Wilson says. “It’s like

when everything is going wrong - the speaker cancels the morning of or the financial supporter runs out of money to give - you start to ask yourself why? But when you keep going, even if you can’t see the outcome, as long as you believe in what you’re doing, it always works out. As I look back, I realize that no matter what the challenge was, the people came, the feedback was great, and I made a difference in people’s lives. And I wouldn’t have gotten there had I quit. If you don’t keep going, you never get to know what your full potential looks like,” Wilson says.

Perseverance as the key to maximizing potential is reflected at the core of WIP and at the core of Wilson’s life experiences. “No matter how many times you get knocked down you always and must get back up. You must keep moving. My favorite thing to say to my son, Darryl, all the time…. The Miracle is in the Movement!”


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