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Woman Crush Wednesday: Karen Anne Jacks of Della Ricca Hair Color

Welcome to our Woman Crush Wednesday! We hope you enjoy learning about women from all over the globe who are creating their own paths.

Karen Anne Jacks spent over 20 years as a professional hair colorist and salon owner. When the economy turned downward a few years ago, her clients asked if she could recommend a box hair color. When she realized she couldn't, she saw an opportunity to bridge the desire for salon quality and the expertise of a licensed, professional hair colorist with the convenience of home use. Thus, Della Ricca Hair Color was born.

What were the issues with the box hair colors available in the market?

Several factors come into play when coloring hair. Understanding the chemistry involved and the customer’s specific hair type is key to choosing the correct shade with the appropriate developer. In salons, we custom blend with cream shades – tailored for each unique customer – and use it immediately. This ensures beautiful, healthy, high quality results, with less damage and less fading.

What makes Della Ricca different?

Every new customer gets a personal live consultation, either in person or via video… it is a must! Then, I custom blend with small multi-tubes, insuring fresh color and precise, professional results. Reordering for the same formulation is then made simple. Just hit REORDER. A new consultation is required for any desired changes to the prescription.

How are you socially conscious?

Della Ricca is manufactured in Italy under the strictest eco levels using the least amount of ingredients needed, with more pigment and less chemicals. We use ammonia as a color catalyst because despite what you hear from others, ammonia is a natural ingredient that dissipates out of the hair during the coloring process. When we formulated each hair color we decided the amount of ammonia to use, making sure you get the most pigment without damaging results. We also will be honest with you if home hair color is the best option for you. When you reorder we have an ECO option, sending the developer in a recyclable bottle. You can reuse the bowl and brush sent with your original order.

I love the names of your colors. How did you choose them?

I chose the names based on the character of the customer who wears the shade.

For instance, the darkest shades are what most men are, as well as most of the world's population, so we named them Hero and Strong.

Loyal is the most used shade, therefore they are the most loyal.

Lucky is a blond to cover gray.

Daring is a blond that tones brassy shades…they are daring.

Authentic is a warm (person) red.

Kind is a cool (person) red.

Anything else you want to share? What inspires me? Helping people. Adventure, learning, growing: solving problems! Doing things that have not been done before. Breaking new ground. Empowering women. I am passionate about the science, chemistry, and artistry of hair color.

Find out more at!

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