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BLUBAIRE™: Socially Conscious Fashion for the Family

Hello RBRW Family! We're happy to announce that the Blog is Back. We will be highlighting brands and nonprofits making a difference in our global world. I recently collaborated with a fashion line called BLUBAIRE™ that creates imminently wearable designs with a mission of mainstreaming racial equality. Here is a quick interview with founder, Cameron.

First, tell us about yourself and your tie to this social movement?

My name is Cameron and I am the Owner and Founder of BLUBAIRE™. I am a husband of eight years to my beautiful wife Courtney and father of three wonderful children aged eight, five and five months. Throughout my life, I have been around so many different races of people, so much so that I feel most comfortable in diversity. Throughout my childhood, diversity was important to my parents as well and they made sure to raise both my younger brother and I in communities where people looked different than we did. Throughout that time, I also played baseball and was fortunate to play both college and professional baseball, which brought with it the opportunity to be among many many different cultures, races and people. I learned that being among people different than myself was not only something I was comfortable with, but also something I enjoyed and it has become both something I want for my family and something I want to inject into an ever increasingly racial driven world.

BLUBAIRE™ started as a vision to mainstream racial equality and in early 2019 everything came together for that vision. Right before the official launch of the brand, I attended a program at my church called UNDIVIDED. UNDIVIDED is a six-week program meant to bring people together for meaningful conversation and experiences that can lead to growth and heal the racial divide. The program takes a deep dive into racial reconciliation through bringing people of different races, cultures and backgrounds together to better understand the racisms and biases that exist between them and how to overcome. Through the class, it was so exciting to see different races of people pursing racial reconciliation and it immediately became something I wanted to take to another level.

The vision became clear, BLU – Building Life Undivided. The word BLU was not only the first three letters of the brand, but it also summed up what it was that I was feeling. Throughout the creation of the brand, the vision was to make racial equality stylish and if we were successful in doing so more people would be upfront about how they feel, thus eliminating an unknown. Much like the program was a guide, the brand also would serve as a guide, but needed to have a physical presence. From that notion, came our mascot Blu, who is the physical presence of the brand and is ever present in Building Life Undivided.

What's next for BLUBAIRE™?

The year 2020 brings a lot of celebration given that it will be the first full year of the brand’s existence. While we certainly have many internal goals and objectives for our brand, some for growth and others for products, our largest goal is to reach 1,000 new people who have not yet heard of BLUBAIRE™. As we start into the New Year, BLUBAIRE™ is excited for new opportunities, new partnerships and new challenges.

Find out more about the brand here.

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