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This new dimension warranted the deepest sadness she had ever known.

Waking up once again to the emptiness of reliance of factors out of her control.

Most expect defeat in a winning season sent from a realm beyond our reach.

Easier to smother our minds in the prize of surprise of triumph and success.

“ I look at the glass as refillable and not half full or empty”- Anonymous

The blinding darkness no one likes to speak about in their most visible era.

Many are watching your every move with calculation and speculation.

Measuring poise or lack of popularity/followers.

“For I know the plans I have for you” Jeremiah 29:11

Scripture on constant repeat as the world around her crumbles.

Fires ablaze without a life jacket to save the final pieces of a dream within her heart.

God gave me this dream to make it reality.

“Satan is attempting to erase this promise from my heart with tragedy.”

I visualize the tricks vividly but the intricate deformities blur my vision.

How do you foresee the light when the walls are closing in?

How do we stop the tick tock of the constantly moving enemy.... TIME.

“Walk It Like I Talk It”- Migos

Practice what you preach.

Hard to imagine the broken girl in the mirror is the same from seasons prior.

She found her heart “Springing forward” into uncertainty and the

illusion of what others believed to be fact.

Fiction nearing her outlook caused an eruption of the need to be distanced.

-The Space Between-

Why do the closest acquaintances leave you when you need their steadiness the most?

Watching the world turn on its axis with ease and grace.

While the core of your mind burns like the lava of undisturbed volcanoes.

Finding a new vibe to swing to: heel toe, heel toe, heel toe.

“Dance Like No One Is Watching”

Social Media allows society to promote themselves with each minute

clip on Instagram creating viral possibilities.

What will make them follow, subscribe, like and view?

Putting the glare and art of Hollywood in the palm of our hands on a daily basis.

What do you want to accomplish from inviting the world into your life ?

A very vital question to ask yourself when building a brand.

Show a little less for the “church girl” and show a little more for the “video vixen”.

“ I Know You Are But What Am I”

Don’t find yourself getting lost in the

sauce of what you see in your digital screens.

Technology bridging the gap of a decade out of college without a verbal word being spoken. We know far more about our old friends than generations before EVER did!

What is left to say at your High School Reunion when you have lived

your life on Facebook with exact details.

Lay On My Couch And Tell Me Your Problems

1950's: Humanity was taught to be silenced with the need for perfection and flow.

Just go with the flow and not against the grain as to not cause uproar and confusion.

“Nothing Lasts Forever”- The day my divorce was finalized. Via- FaceBook

2018- Do people truly care when you need a helping hand anymore?

A series of emojis seem to paint the picture words never could.

Attention spans edited down to a 30 second Snap Chat Video.

Where is the love?

The desire to be loved will never subside from within but where are we

seeking this love today? Is it in the arms of a man? Is it from within?

What we tell ourselves on a daily basis becomes the fabric of the structure we stand on everyday. She looked cute and polished yesterday for her

meetings but today she feels bloated and disheveled.

It’s called being human

Power Of the Mind

What do you do when you are afraid to pray or move past the pain

and agony of a decade of corruption and deceit?

Fake it Till you make it VS Faith It Till You Make It

“Look at these obstacles, what is impossible”- Loyal And Humble -Wav3 Pop

What we think is EVERYTHING.

A higher value being charged for the way we look to the world. Literally

Brazilian Butt lift, Mommy Makeovers, New Teeth &

Rejuvenation “Down There”.... If You know what I mean.

Nips & Tucks:

Afterwards, Many Women are still unhappy with self.

Do you realize the power you possess In your imperfections?


Freckles: Once a nuisance is now a Snap Chat filter,

makeup artist specialty and facial tattoo request.

1995- Woman:“Does this make my butt look fat?”

Response: “No”

Woman: “Thank You!”

2018- Woman:“Does this make my butt look fat?”

Response: “Yassssss”

Woman: “okurrrrrr”

(Sits on side of sink and takes a selfie)

Moral of the story

Following trends will have you standing still while the world turns and leaves you behind to recreate your own subtle unsure individuality. I remember when ladies had eyebrows as thin as the stroke of a calligraphy pen. Altering their natural shape to fit a trend that is non existent in today’s fully shaped brow moment.


Choose to express life by your own standards of fulfillment. While wearing white after Labor Day without a millisecond of second guessing. Don’t let social media rush what God has destined for your life. Walk in your light knowing the path

ahead was planned and projected before your first breath.

The heartbreak. The Pain. The Losses. The Struggles. The Weakness.

The Happiness. The Milestones. The Lovers. The Purpose.

Wake Up EVERY SINGLE DAY with gratitude!

Good or bad you are blessed.

Forgive yourself. Forgive others.

Move Forward With Purpose & Hope.


The moment you begin to doubt your beautiful.

Reverse the negative thought pattern immediately.

“I may not feel beautiful today but I CHOOSE to believe

I AM beautiful within regardless of what I see with my eyes.”


If you saw the full magnitude of your beauty- it would blind you!

You’re a STAR, baby girl.

Shine Baby. SHINE!


Rich Love

Media Producer & Community Outreach Correspondent with Real Beauty Real Women.

The Testimony Show Sundays at 6-8 PM. On 953Jamz.Com

An Activist For Addiction, Domestic Violence, Mental illness, Sex Trafficking and Homelessness.

Rich Love-

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