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'Protected by Purpose' Chronicles Dorinda Walker's Journey From Drug Dealer to Fortune 5

Exciting news from one of our Socially Conscious Fashionistas, Dorinda Walker, who has also written blog posts right here for Real Beauty Real Women! Here is Dorinda with our very own Founder Jacquelyn Aluotto, puckering up for change with our lipstick!

Motivational speaker and corporate executive, Dorinda Walker, who is currently a Vice President for a Fortune 50 Company, overcame the trials of dysfunctional childhood, domestic abuse and her own mental health issues to become an inspirational community change agent and an award-winning business leader.

In her first book, Protected by Purpose, Walker provides the success secrets that allowed her to transition from a path to prison as a teenager to becoming one of the fastest rising brands in corporate America. She tackles issues that affect many individuals today. Born into a dysfunctional family, battling addiction and its consequences on the family, mental illness, domestic violence, overcoming low self-esteem, and her father’s battle with AIDS, Walker experienced challenges that stop many in their tracks, but instead, served as a catalyst to success for her.

Walker has also launched an international empowerment tour titled, “The Protected by Purpose Empowerment Experience”, which includes various thought leaders, subject matter experts and celebrities who discuss the topics highlighted in Walker’s book to raise awareness and to provide inspirational stories of encouragement and hope for individuals who may be struggling to overcome adversity.

“I want the people who read my book and who attend my empowerment experience to see that no matter how bad their life circumstances are, they still have the power within to change it all,” says “Protected by Purpose” author Dorinda Walker. “My message is about the power of transformation, and through this book, I hope to especially inspire those who have lost all hope. I am living proof that you can turn your trials into triumphs!” From a drug dealer on the streets to a corporate executive, Walker transformed her life and now serves as a role model, mentor and inspiration to all who encounter her thought-provoking messages that challenge the status quo.

As with all books published by Timothy and Titus, proceeds from the sales of Walker’s book will follow the publisher’s revolutionary 3/3/3 model in which a third of the proceeds will be split between a charity of the author’s choosing and The Fairy Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to forging lasting memories for adults with life-threatening medical conditions. Walker has chosen the Real Beauty Real Women Foundation, a non-profit organization that aids non-profits and shelters that are breaking the cycle of violence, poverty, homelessness, and domestic abuse, as her charity.

Excerpted from Timothy and Titus Press Release with photo assistance from Dorinda Walker, by Anika Jackson. Mother, community volunteer, philanthropist, and socially conscious fashionista. VP, Strategic Partnerships, Real Beauty Real Women, and CEO of Philanthropic Fetes. Check out, Social Graces Social Club!

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