The Consciously Secure Life: 9 Tips for Dating Safely Online for Socially Conscious Fashionistas

Part of being a Socially Conscious Fashionista is knowing how to create a Consciously Secure Life. Not secure in the way that we protect ourselves from fears or negativity of what could happen, and not take risks. It is about understanding how to live a life of ferocious freedom. That no matter what obstacles you may have, face them consciously and with the highest sense of self-security and personal power.

It's not easy dating in today's world. With the proliferation of dating coaches, online dating sites, and matchmakers it's hard to understand why anyone is single unless it's by choice.

With the increased opportunities for dating in our socially-tech savvy world, there has also been increased opportunities for personal harm. I shudder every time I hear of an assault, or death, that was a result of a couple dating online.

My own experience of online dating has about a 33% success rate, if I had to give it a numerical quantity. The first time I tried dating online, I had no luck. Not one date. I couldn't find anyone I was interested in, or that communicated with me in a way that I felt comfortable going out on an actual date. I tried again about six years later and had success right away. I met a wonderful, handsome, electrical engineer and we dated for eighteen months. Though it didn't work out in the end, I would list it as a successful online dating connection. After we separated, about 6 months later I tried again. Unfortunately, it was reminiscent of my first experience except I did go out with three men: I went on two first dates, and went out with one person twice. So, I view my success rate at about 33%, having one successful connection out of the three separate attempts.