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Real Beauty. Real Women. Real Women have different beauty routines.

We polled a few to find out theirs.

We all have such different routines - and it's so fun to discover new products from friends!

Here's my routine:

Morning: Clarisonic with Natura Bissé face wash (varies depending on season and day), Natura Bissé scrubs or masks, or Jenetiqa scrub, NB gel toner, eye cream, serum, and face lotion. Follow with Jentry Kelley or Lucky Cat Beauty primer.

Night: Burt’s Bees or Jentry Kelley facial wipes, Jenetiqa serum and oil.

My other favorite facial care brand that I swear by is Kerstin Florian. My favorite body serum is Gardenia + Tea by One Love Organics.

I asked a few Socially Conscious Fashionistas to share their beauty secrets as well. Here's what they had to say:

Pamela Andino, Founder, Ubertina Productions

Writing this down has made me realize how much we put into our beauty routines. Here are just some things I do: Face wipe nightly - Neutrogena Daily face wash/toner/lotion - Clinique Hydrating masks 🎭 - variety (as needed) Pore Cleansing - Bioré 1-minute self heating natural charcoal mask (1 x week) Hydro healing eye cooling pads - variety (depending on sun exposure of lack of sleep so used as needed)

Jacquelyn Aluotto, Activist, Producer, Creator, Director, and Founder, Real Beauty Real Women

I have products and my routines you would laugh at. I use vitamin e on my skin. That's my routine and I wash my face with Dermelect.

Nealette Douglas, Founder, Fashion Exchange 3000

My beauty routine mostly involves lots of good sweat, close to natural products and lots of water! I wash my face with Rajeunir Black Caviar foaming cleansing gel and moisturizer daily. I absolutely can’t live without Acure Facial Scrub with Argan Stem Cell + chlorella which I only use 3x’s a week. Drinking lots of water rejuvenates my skin and we keep the fridge stocked with alkaline antioxidant water.

Staci Henderson, Co-Founder of Joy Box Fine Flowers, Philanthropic Fetes, and Social Graces Social Club

At night I sleep with Apricot silicone pads under my eyes, on my neck and on my chest. (Available on Amazon) I wash my face morning and night with Biore charcoal face wash. My skin is oily so creams are too heavy. I use "Shiftage" snail serum .... (yes you read that right) morning and night. Oh... and CREMO shave cream. It's impossible to cut yourself when you use it and it makes your skin incredibly soft. That description is a sure fire way to keep any man from ever wanting to sleep w me.

Debbie Pakzaban, Co-Founder, Joy Box Fine Flowers

I’ve used Retin A and sunscreen for about 30 years. My dermatologist said my skin health is pretty amazing for my age. But in addition I'm a beauty product whore. Right now I'm loving GOOP products, the instant facial is pretty amazing.

Amanda Russell, Entrepreneur, Marketing & Branding Strategist Speaker, YouTube Influencer, UCLA Instructor

Mine is super simple. Wash face with Dove bar soap (unscented) and water Pat dry Apply a couple drops of rose hip seed oil ($4 on Amazon/ no need for fancy creams this is better than anything out there)! Done!

Christena Reinhard, Founding Executive Director, Union & Fifth

When I was 24 I was handed a tub of Crème De La Mer – and told use it religiously. And it is the only product that I am 100% loyal to.

Pro tip (burns are magically pain free with a little CDLM)

Aside from that these are my current must haves:

Amore Pacific Treatment Cleansing Oil – I’ll admit that I was afraid of the oil – but the Korean Skincare craze was right – pair it with Chantecaille Rose Water makeup remover and I can actually get my insane eyeliner off.

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