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"Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve." SACHIKA Twins.

Celebrity Twin Fashion Designers, TV personalities E!, moguls in the making, positive thinkers, visionaries, life motivators, trend setters and life lovers! SACHIKA is not just a Designer Label. It is a movement. A movement that encourages women to be independent, strong and to go after their dreams. The modern woman is comfortable in her own skin & femininity. She's in control of her life destiny. She knows she can make anything happen.

SACHIKA: "For the Modern Woman"

Q: How long have you been doing designing and what was your inspiration?

A: To-Nya is the designer behind the SACHIKA brand and To-Tam takes care of the business side. To-Nya knew she wanted to be a fashion designer since she was 9 years old and as faith would have it, she has been designing professional now for almost 10 years. She started when she was quite young. SACHIKA's biggest inspiration would be the female body because we are shapely and curvy! SACHIKA celebrates the curves of a woman!

Q: Tell us about your new collection?

A: Our new collection, Spring 2012 is entitled " Mermaid Paradise: Dance with the Ocean". Growing up, we always loved mermaids because they’re so feminine, enchanting and fluid. To-Nya's final project in fashion school was called "Mermaid Paradise" – so we thought why not make it come to life! After all, we wanted this collection to be colorful, feminine and summery, and everything about the Mermaid theme resonated with the Spring time.

Q: What is a day like in your shoes?

A: Our days are so different from one another! There is no typical day in our life...that's the beauty of it! We love to just be able to fill up our days with things that we love to do and be able to make a living out of it – this to us is priceless! We are very hands on with everything we do so we get to do so many different things. It's never boring or repetitive! From fabric sourcing to pattern making, sewing, shooting a “look book,” getting sponsors, doing client fittings, dressing a celebrity,'s never the same!

Q: What is your message to women who may be experiencing hard times at the moment?

A: Our message to everyone out there going through tough times is that they should remember there will always be obstacles to anything in life. The key is to embrace the challenges, rise above them to the best of their ability and to always be strong and optimistic! Everything is a question ofperception. Enjoying the Journey is more important than the destination because every minute that passes by is a minute of life that we cannot retrieve! Never give up on something that you believe in!

Q: What’s Next for Sachika Twins?

A: We have so many plans and projects on the way! SACHIKA is now expanding to the West Coast. We are working on a denim line, a premium t-shirt line for men, a swim wear line, and other products and items to support the SACHIKA movement and lifestyle. We are also working on some TV segments. We love to sing, act, direct, dance and host. You will get to see many other sides of us very soon!

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