Born in Panama City, Javier Gomez moved to New York City in 2005 and pursued what is now a successful career in photography and art. Being creative and implementing his ideas into works of art has always been a big part of Gomez life.

"I am a very visual person and since an early age traveling with my parents then as a flight attendant and living in other countries I had the passion for capturing those interesting subjects and moments of each trip and always took pictures of them. For me it was about documenting everything. After moving to the most creative city in the world I was able to translate that passion into a profession."

Gomez says that as a photographer it is all about "creating and bringing emotions out of the observer.

Most inspiration mainly comes from nature which is perfect on its own, I try to go out to nature weekly and just being there and connecting to it is where I get most of it; Also from books that I have read, from traveli