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So many women come into the salon in a hair rut. The weather is starting to cool down, and they want a change to welcome the colder temperatures and of course, to look amazing for their upcoming holiday festivities. Sometimes, a change in haircut doesn’t always do it. They want a change in color, and lately, my clients have been asking for a color outside the usual blonde or brunette… So I’m going to dedicate this post to the former step child of hair color, Red!

More women lately have been willing to venture into formerly chartered hair color territories. With stars like Emma Stone, and Christina Hendricks rocking beautiful red hair it’s become all the rage in Hollywood, and in my chair.

Few women can pull off a flaming red color. It can tend to look a bit costumey on a certain person, or complexion. So I tend to recommend a beautiful coppery auburn with a wash of strawberry highlights. This will flatter virtually any skin tone from fair to tan. If you decide to take the plunge, don’t forget to ask your stylist to touch up your eyebrows as well. This will help bring the entire look together, and make the red appear more natural. If you are the type of women who likes to pencil in/shade in their brows, Bare Minerals makes a beautiful brow powder called Strawberry Blonde that would be perfect for many shades of red.

While we are on the topic of redheads, let’s talk a bit about something that flatters every woman, from redheads, to blondes, to brunettes; an even skin tone. Most women aren’t blessed with naturally flawless skin, but there are thankfully a few ways you can fake it. Using a moisturizer everyday packed with antioxidants can gently help fade dark spots & acne scars. We carry a line in the salon called Yonka and it works beautifully. A wash of sheer foundation will help cover up any imperfections. Laura Mercier has a wonderful tinted moisturizer if you aren’t one for foundation. Make sure you add a little extra foundation, or even concealer to areas that tend to be more red such as under your eyes, and around your nose.

One of the most exciting things for me when the winter rolls around is being able to incorporate rich, jewel tones into my wardrobe. Better yet, the past few years in fashion has made pairing multiple colors together acceptable (aka color-blocking). This means, while pairing orange & pink together was once considered a fashion faux pas, now it’s trendy, and frankly a gorgeous color combination. Here are a few of my favorite combinations that will look fabulous for all of your upcoming holiday festivities.

  • Navy Blue & Purple. Any kind of purple against navy will be stunning. From lilac to aubergine, this color combination is a simple way to dip your toes into the wonderful world of color blocking. If you opt for a navy & dark purple combo – try to incorporate a splash of gold with either a necklace, or belt. This will break up the darkness of the outfit and make both colors pop.

  • Red & Orange. Yes. It can be done. For the winter, make sure you are using the deepest shade of red & orange. I personally love a red denim jean with a deep orange top. I recently paired the color combination with a brown skinny belt & brown shoes and was pleasantly surprised. Too many accessories with this may be a bit overwhelming. I’d recommend a gold, or bronze hoop earring & a bronze cuff. I’d steer away from a necklace, because you will already have a lot going on with the color on your shirt.

  • There was a method to my madness with suggesting the above combinations. Any of the four colors above can be combined. That means, more bang for your buck when you start filling your wardrobe up with jewel toned pieces! Here’s a quick & dirty guide on how what type of accessories to incorporate for every type of color combo above to make it work for you:

Navy & Red – Use silver accessories to pull everything in together.

Navy & Orange – Use gold accessories to pull these two colors together.

Purple & Orange – Use bronze accessories (jewelry, shoes, belts, etc). Silver or gold can be too harsh.

Purple & Red – Use gold accessories to tie everything in together.

Just remember, the best way to pull off any type of color blocking or jewel toned colors is to wear it with confidence!

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