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It’s amazing how many aloe plants you see in the grocery stores. Who knew this easily excess able plant had hundreds of benefits and over 240 species. In the cosmetic industry aloe vera is used to treat everything from chapped lips to dermatitis. The juice or gels from the leaves are used in such products as creams, lotions and shampoo. The plant is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Aloe vera can also benefit you internally as a detox. Aloe vera, purifies the blood, detoxes the liver, cleanses the colon, improves digestion, heals ulcers, inhibits the growth of cancer cells, relieves bloating and constipation. I also found it fascinating that aloe vera is such a common plant and is sold in a variety of convenient places. Also it is not a difficult plant to grow. A pot kept by the kitchen window can provide a handy remedy for cuts and burns. It’s an excellent house hold plant and requires little attention. There are so many different species, shapes and sizes. Some even grow to heights of three feet and above. Needless to say the plants make a great conversation starter in any interior scape.

So are you as amazed as I am that so much goodness is so readily available. Fresh every day, the investment can be small but the benefits are big. As usual check with your doctor about the health benefits for you. Do your research and know that better health is right around the corner!

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