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Picture this: A room full of some of the most beautiful people to ever walk the streets of New York City, and walls covered in some of the most breath taking artwork. The mind can't even fathom the beauty of what was seen; I won't even try to describe it for fear of failing to capture it. Red Carpets, champagne and wine flowing, and the cutest but tastiest hors d'oeuvres. There was this one little cucumber number in particular that I've been searching the internet desperately trying to find the recipe for. The Javier Gomez art show sponsoring RBRW & Strengthen Our Sisters was the place to be. If you're fabulous and weren't invited, you may want to seek out James Grant of James Grant PR because he is the authority in bringing out the fabulous people to a fabulous event.

When I zipped up my black Nicole Miller dress and threw on my Louboutins (and gel insoles), I had no idea that Lance Bass would give me a lesson on astronauts vs cosmonauts on the Red Carpet, or that after a few tries Lauren LoGiudice could actually teach me how to say her last name properly. It was an excellent event!

With that being said, the socially conscious fashionista in me couldn't help but notice that something was missing. At certain points of the evening I felt like people forgot why we were really there. In a room full of fabulous people, presence of this one particular person (who holds a special place in my heart) was a huge reminder that outside of this room full of beauty and glam, there was something very ugly happening in our own backyards. Through her Strengthen Our Sisters movement, Sandra Ramos has dedicated her life to saving families and victims of abuse. Sandra spoke about the troubles that her shelter, like so many others, is having with funding just to help these women and children find their way back to something so simple as a home.

My hope is that beautiful people can do something even more beautiful and give back to the community, and that night specifically to Strengthen Our Sisters. Once home, I thought to myself as I pulled of my shoes and hung up my dress that even my shoes have a home. Why shouldn't these families have one? Although that night was extremely picturesque, the next picture I would like to see definitely would involve less glam and more giving. These shelters need our help and in partnering with Jacquelyn Aluotto, RBRW, SOS and The NIMBY Project, I want to find a way to make giving back glam! You don't have to go to Tibet or Africa and adopt foreign children. I mean, I know it's the "in" thing to do right now, but there are little things we can all do right here in our own backyards that won't eat up all your miles. Tuesday had an amazing turnout and I am happy to have been a part of it. I do hope it was the start of something eye opening as was Javier Gomez's beautiful artwork. I hope together we all can make this world a more beautiful picture.

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