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From Linford Virginia, to Edison, New Jersey - Della Crews has been everywhere and embraced every opportunity that has come her way. Her beginnings as a bank teller in Linford, Virginia, led her to local radio and as her talent was recognized gave her a break into television by showing ‘personality’ when she rolled her eyes at the end of an audition. Crews has worked in many places including Jacksonville Florida, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Crews sat down with RBRW’s Jacquelyn Aluotto and talked about being an adrenaline junkie, causes that are near and dear to her and challenges that she has faced on the way to becoming a successful Television Anchor. D.C. on her show - Spotlight New Jersey: “ I love that show, because there are so many beautiful people and beautiful stories that need to be told here in New Jersey… the stories that touch people’s hearts and make them laugh, feel good about their state…its nice to hear that there are good things happening here.” D.C.on causes and charities: " I care about so many different causes, but I am particularly struck by homeless children in America. These children have no address and no place to call home. These are the people I would really like to put the spotlight on…because we are all just a paycheck away from poverty so don’t’ think it can’t happen to you! It’s not just poor people…lots of hard working middle income Americans have lost their homes. It could be any of us at any given time.” D.C.on her favorite places to live: “ I love them all because there is something unique and different about each place. In West Virginia people loved me…I was like the city girl goes country. ..they adopted me as one of their own. People are the same…wherever you go..they want to know what is going on in their community, they want to see people they know and even see themselves on TV. That does not change from market to market. “ D.C.on challenges and adversities: " The one thing that stuck with me that I will never forget was that I was constantly told I was not pretty enough to be in this industry and as an African American I was not light enough to pass with the pretty blue or green eyes. The election of Barack Obama is starting to open so many doors that were never opened before." A teary Crews gave a candid recollection of going to school when integration was just beginning to happen in Bedford, Virginia. She was called the ‘N’ word, her feelings hurt, told she didn’t belong in the school, and she wasn’t wanted there… “I’m glad my kids never had to go through something like that…it was hard to fathom where we all come over here to this country for freedom and the right to live a wonderful life I'm being told I can’t go to the very school of the city that I live in.” These experiences propelled Crews on to become the best person that she could be…"a human being that is respected and hopefully one that you like." D.C. on what she does in her free time: “ I love to go Tokyo Drifting, and Sky Diving…I wanted to show myself that I could do this…you only live once so you may as well try it. I have never felt so free in my life. The next thing I want to learn how to do is to fly off a cliff…” D.C. on kids of today: " It is the responsibility of the public to be discerning. You cannot believe everything you hear and read. To a certain extent you have to do your homework and ask questions. I feel like I grew up in a generation that protested, they marched, and they questioned authority. I feel like somewhere along the way these kids are afraid…they call this social media, but people are becoming more disconnected than ever." D.C. on lessons learned: " You’ve got to live and learn. I let my kids go through pain. You can’t protect them from everything…when you are not around, someone is going to knock that child down and of they need to know how to pick themselves up…learn to stand on their own two feet. It is not a bad thing to have nice things. If you work for them, you earned them and you should wear them but it should not define who you are. You have to remember who you really are in the big scheme of things. You have to remember what is important when all in your life is gone. I wouldn’t go back and change a thing, because all of those experiences…has made me the person I am…you can’t grow if you haven’t lived." D.C. on one of her favorite quotes: "When you make a name for yourself you must use that name in helping others." Maya Angelou D.C. on what you need to know about the real Della Crews: I am not glamorous, I do not live this huge fancy life except for my thrill seeking…when I'm chilling I like to be in the raggediest PJ’s I can find and my really big furry animal slippers, hair unkempt and no makeup…watching soap operas, lifetime movies…I can kick back in my recliner and have a good time…but when I go out I do love to party, I like to go to a club and have a really good time!

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