On March 1, 1932, brothers Charles and Joseph Revson, along with chemist Charles Lachman, established a nail polish company they named Revlon. In his book Fire and Ice: The Story of Charles Revson – the Man Who Built the Revlon Empire (William Morrow and Company, 1976), Andrew Tobias chronicled the career of the man “who started with one bottle of nail polish and a fine ear for female fantasy and built an empire – The Revlon Company.

However, friction developed between Suzy and Charles Revson over her fee, and their relationship became strained. Suzy Parker recalled: "'As time went on it became really very funny. They did this particular Cleopatra ad and shot it with ten or twelve different black-haired girls, at great expense. It wasn't the photographer's fault; it was just that they couldn't choose the model. So they had to keep paying Avedon for the pictures. It was a disaster. Finally, at the last minute, they brought me in and put a black wig on me and they never let Revson know it was me in the ad. He never realized.' (He doubtless realized full well. Out of pride he may have pretended he didn't.)”