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Women in the world today, have made many strides. We are women of greatness, and that's part of the reason why many of us have gone through the struggles that we have. We are each born with a purpose. We have a contribution to make in this world. But if we never come into that place of making a difference, the very people we were placed on this earth to help, will continue to suffer. What's your purpose? Because we have something to do, it's very important to for us to take time to care for ourselves. Women, were created as nurturers. We often find time to do things for everyone else, and nothing for ourselves. That's who we are. But wellness should be a priority, because the lack of it can impact every area of your life. It is when we are feeling a sense of wellness or wholeness, where nothing is missing and nothing is broken that we have learned to take time to care for our souls. The soul matters. So, how do we define the soul? Soul is the most common translation of the Greek word, "psyche". Some biblical scholars suggest that a better translation is either, "person" or "self". In other words, the soul is not PART of who you are, but the soul is your "total self". We do not have a "soul"- just as we have a body and spirit. We are soul, therefore soul refers to your "whole person". Caring for our soul can be defined as the support and restoration of your mind, will and emotions. The restoration of the well-being of a person in his or her depth in totality with particular concern for the inner life. Soul has to do with your inner life. Experience that you cannot see or touch, but you feel them deep within. When your soul is being cared for, you are addressing the deepest and most profound human aspects of your inner life. This is important because your inner life, reflects your outer life. Your inner life impacts your character, decisions, responses, moods, relationships, dreams, families, careers. Thus we must take time to care for our souls. One of the ways that we can do that is by introspection. Taking time to think about what we are feeling, and why we are feeling a certain way. It's okay to stop and think for a moment about our responses and actions towards people. Sometimes there are underlying reasons why we do the things we do. Understand your emotions but don't let them rule your life. Take time to meditate daily. Journaling is another way to care for your soul. It enables you to write your thoughts, feelings, prayers, goals and dreams. Take time daily to renew your mind with positive affirmations. Surround yourself with people who have positive energy and always listen to your inner voice. Blessings!

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