Camilla Constance is an Empowering Libido Coach Who is Changing the Sexual Narrative

Camilla Constance, a former primary school teacher, has completely turned her life around in an unexpected way. After a deep depression, Camilla rediscovered sex and being in touch with her own body. This journey was a life changing experience for her, and now she has vowed to help other women and men rediscover this energy and life. As a libido coach, her mission is to change the sexual narrative and reconnect people to love and pleasure in their own bodies. When we begin to see sex in a wider context, we begin to understand just how important it is for a happy, healthy, and balanced life.

Tell us about what you do and what your why is.

I am a libido coach and I work mainly with women, but not exclusively. I do it because midway through my life, when I went through my depression, I dealt with it by going to the doctor, getting antidepressants, doing all of the traditional things. Then, some things miraculously happened for me and I rediscovered sex and it completely changed my life. Years later, I became familiar with the term vaginal depression which is when we are not sexually activated, we get very shut down, and we don’t have the surge of orgasmic energy going through us. Our bodies actually get fundamentally depressed and it is a physical depression. Overcoming that and helping others overcome that became my mission and my why. When I was really alive and I rediscovered my sexuality, I went to the doctor for something very routine. I sat in the office